Sister Wives: Fans Blast Robyn Brown For Being ‘Delusional’ After She Accused Christine Of ‘Destroying’ Kody In divorce

Robyn Brown doesn’t want to speak the truth about Kody’s reoccurring rage since splitting from Christine. She’d rather put the blame on Christine as the architect of Kody’s incessant anger. The Sunday, October 1, episode of the TLC show featured Kody’s last and only surviving wife discussion with Meri Brown, 52, about how the husband they both once shared is always angry.

Sister Wives Spoilers — Robyn Brown Blamed Christine Brown

Christine was the first out of Kody’s four wives to announce her divorce from the patriarch in November 2021 after spending 27 years with him.

Speaking with Meri, Robyn claimed that Christine’s action was responsible for Kody’s mood. “What Christine has done has… messed him up. And he doesn’t want to admit it, but it’s the truth. Christine totally just destroyed his past,” said Robyn.

Sister Wives: Fans Blast Robyn Brown For Being ‘Delusional’ After She Accused Christine Of ‘Destroying’ Kody In divorceContinuing, she said, “Like what he thought was a functional situation, she basically said it was horrible – every single minute of every single day type of thing. Stories upon stories about all of the things that she was going through, and not about you and Janelle as much as him.”

After seeing how Robyn was comfortable with blaming Christine without pushing Kody to take as much as a tiny responsibility for the split, fans took to social media to rip Robyn apart.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Reactions From Fans Following Robyn Brown’s Blames

Meanwhile, before fans came in their numbers to blast Robyn, Meri said in a confessional that she was certain Christine wasn’t to blame for Kody’s anger but if it was the narrative Kody fed Robyn then that’s unfair of Kody.

“I don’t believe that Christine said that every bit of our lives was hell. I believe she had frustrations, and if that’s what Kody interpreted it as and relayed to Robyn as such, I don’t think that’s fair,” said Meri.

In the comments section, a social media user called Robyn out saying, “Robin, Christine didn’t do anything to that man. I mean she should have walked away long time ago, the last straw should have been when he didn’t show up for his child’s surgery. Kody needs to look at himself in the mirror. #thedisrespect.”

A second opined, “No, what Kody has done messed Christine up and she finally stood up for herself and recognized her worth. Robyn we’ve seen the neglect for years. Ain’t no fooling us.”

And a third screamed, “Robyn is just as delulu as Kody. Kody has messed up the entire fam and everyone is leaving but it’s Christine’s fault she got out and didn’t look back? Goodbye!”

A fourth slammed: “You destroyed that family along side Kody. Take accountability!!!” While the fifth person wrote, “Christine finally stood up to that gaslighting narcissistic and controlling Kody! He did it to himself! How dare Robyn blame her! He strings along all the women!”

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