Should Amy Duggar Bring Her 7 Kids To See Josh In A Dangerous Prison – Regularly?

Duggar FamilyDuggar Family news reveals that Amy Duggar “regularly” shuttles her and Josh’s seven children to see him in a “dangerous” federal prison. Is that wise? Read on and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Duggar Family News – Anne Drives a Long Way with Her Kids to Visit

Duggar Family news reveals that according to OK!, Anna Duggar is standing by her husband Josh as he serves a 151-month sentence for his recent child pornography conviction. As some may already know, the former Counting On star is doing his time at FCI Seagoville in Dallas, Texas.

The Sun reports that a family member of a fellow inmate of Josh Duggar, 34, dished that Anna visits her husband often and with her seven youngsters in tow.

Duggar Family News – Are Anna Duggar and kids Josh Duggar’s Only Visitors?

According to the insider, “we’ve seen Anna at visitation fairly regularly. I’ve spoken to Anna a couple of times.” They added that the only people connected to Josh that he’d seen was Anna and her kids.” I don’t really know anybody else.”

They said that the prison provides “board games and blocks” to keep visiting children entertained during visits. Of course, as it is a prison, there are also many strict rules that both little ones and visiting parents must abide by.

Duggar Family News – Problems With Visiting A Prison

The source went on to claim that these visits could be “difficult” for loved ones – emphasizing that visitors are prohibited from wearing scarves or provocative clothing, among other strict prohibitions.

“It’s kind of a crapshoot on whatever they’re going to say is out of policy today. I’ve had a guard tell me that I had too many bobby pins in my hair to go in or like my mask was the wrong color,” said the source.

“They tried to turn me away because I was wearing a dress. I had worn the same dress the week before and they said it was fine, but this time they said it was too sexually provocative.” They also claimed that visitors often don’t “get in on time: and are often left “waiting for hours.”

Duggar Family News – They Make Us Wait

The source went on to say that “There’s always a delay. A couple of weeks back, they said that the electricity was down. It goes in and out all the time so they use it as an excuse to make us wait for a couple of hours before we could get in.

“Visitation is supposed to start at 8:15 am and run until 3:30 pm. I get there around 7:00 am just to be early in the line because it’s first come, first serve. And they start processing us anytime between 8:15 am to 9:30 am. Just kind of whenever they feel like it. And then usually they’ll end at around 2:30 pm or 3:00 pm.”

Duggar Family News – Prison is Often Unpredictable

The family member described that “plastic chairs: they must sit in while visiting their loved one in “a really cold” room. As for snacks and food — the insider said that “Sometimes there’s food in the vending machines, but often it’ll go for weeks at a time with nothing. It’s very uncomfortable.

“Partners are allowed to have a kiss and a hug at the beginning and the end of visitation. Up until a couple of weeks ago they actually allowed inmates and visitors to hold hands. It was really lovely. But they rotated another guard onto the shift and now they’re not allowing that anymore.”

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