Mama June Spoilers: June Shannon Lies To Justin Stroud’s Mother And He Confronts Her

Mama JuneMama June spoilers reveal that June Shannon is being called out for lying to Justin Stroud’s mother. In the newest episode of Mama June: Family Crisis, he will confront June about it and this will cause them to have a huge fight. It all started when June wanted to make up with Justin over a fight they had. She tried to dance with him, but he isn’t sure what to say or do right now. It turns out that he stormed off when he got mad at her and left her home alone. She told the cameras, “This isn’t how a marriage is supposed to be. I mean, you’re not supposed to storm off and be all mad.” Let’s find out what really happened.

Justin Stroud Confronts June Shannon

When Justin gets home, June greets him and tells him that she is going to make it up to him. She starts dancing and then explains to the cameras, “It’s something Justin started 16 months ago and it’s random dancing. And no matter how mad we are at each other, or no matter how bad the day is, either one of us can grab each other and random dance and it works every time.”

She grabs him to dance, but he is still very upset about something. He tells June that he is upset with her because she lied to his mom.

What did June lie about? Justin’s mother is actually throwing her bridal shower and June told her that all of her children would be attending, but they all told her that they did not want to attend.

June told him that she told his mother that they “might show up” and that she didn’t feel like that was a lie.

June Shannon’s Family And The Bridal Shower

One of June’s daughters, Pumpkin Efird confronted June about the bridal shower. She told her that she was not coming and she was not bringing Alana Thompson with her either.

In fact, Pumpkin got so mad about the shower that she cursed her mother out. Of course, June wants all of her children to attend the shower, but it doesn’t look like they want to.

Justin is very upset that June told his mother about her children coming and he adds, “Please try not to make me have to lie to my mom again. Because that’s putting me in a really rough place, and I don’t want to have to choose between wife and mama.”

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