Mama June Spoilers: Jessica Shannon Came Out On Television, How Did That Go For Her?

Mama June Spoilers: Jessica Shannon Came Out On Television, How Did That Go For Her?Mama June spoilers reveal that Jessica Shannon is ready to talk more to her fans about how complicated it was to actually come out on television. The world actually found out that she had a girlfriend on Mama June: Family Crisis. Jessica is June’s second oldest daughter and doesn’t seem to be in the spotlight as much as her sisters. She has been very open about her sexuality on social media, however, she did have to deal with the hate that she has gotten since first coming out. She wanted to share her story with her fans, so let’s find out more.

Jessica’s Coming Out on Television

Jessica is one of the quieter daughters of June Shannon and she has been living with her sister, Lauryn Efird since the pandemic hit. Now Jessica has her own place and is doing very well for herself.

However, she did get a lot of hate when she came out on the show and everyone got to meet her girlfriend. Her former roommate turned girlfriend, Shyann McCant has been through a lot with Jessica including breaking the news to June.

June actually found out online that Jessica was dating a woman,but she and Jessica’s sisters said that they always knew that she was gay.

They do not judge her for this and they have been supporting her along the way. Not only does she have her family’s support now, but she has finally gotten over all of the hate that she has gotten on social media. She is focused on making herself happy and will ignore the haters who always try to put her down.

Jessica’s Thoughts

When Jessica sat down with ET, she wanted to explain to fans what she had gone through to come out on television.

She told ET, “It feels good that people are supporting me and stuff. It was good to know that Mama has my side. For a while, Mama didn’t know. She found out through social media because we weren’t talking. So it was kinda hard, but now everybody knows, everybody is real cool with it and I like it.” As far as the reactions that she has gotten, Jessica added, “There are some people that aren’t [supportive] and some people who are. I just ignore the people.”

Mama June chimed in and told ET, “You can’t help who you love.” It was clear at that moment that Jessica has so much love and support from her family and it shows. We will continue to keep an eye on her for what is next in her life.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Mama June right now. Come back here often for Mama June spoilers, news, and updates.

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