Kody Brown Left Ex Janelle Brown With “Nothing” After Bitter Fight

Kody Brown thinks Janelle has bitten the hand that feeds her, and he’s hellbent on showing her just how much she can’t do without him.

Janelle Brown – On the Harsh Reality Of Life Following Split From Kody Brown

Being an independent woman at 50 is not sitting right with Janelle Brown, despite the fact that she has grown to become a beloved reality TV star.

This Sunday, Janelle and Kody’s fight was broadcast on TLC. The episode saw the two go back and fought on accusing one another of gaslighting, while also heavily discussing the COVID-19 safety practices that caused a rift in the family.

Kody Brown: Left Ex Janelle Brown With “Nothing” After Bitter FightThe heated conversation took place in the wake of Christine’s decision to leave, leading Janelle to suspect that Kody is also trying to “push [her] out the door.”

Since Robyn is the only one Kody is legally married to, the rest are not legally entitled to a share of his property when they leave. At one point, the fight got so heated that Kody instructed the camera crew to “shut it off.”

“We were throwing accusations at each other about what’s going on and it was shocking. Like, it was shocking. I was really upset when he left because, like, there’s a finality to it and now I’m worried about what happens to me,” she explained in the aftermath of the fight”.

“Moving forward, do I live here? Do I build? It feels like Kody and I are no longer going to be a couple. It really does. It was that dramatic. There had been so much build-up and then, not so much the words. Yes, the words were very harsh, but just the feeling was like, We’re done.”

Janelle Brown Called Kody Brown To Come Collect His Things And Leave, Even Though She Doubted The Wisdom Of That Decision.

“So after I kind of got over the shock after Kody left, I thought, ‘Oh my heck. Like, I have nothing financially,” she admitted.

However, since her finances are still “tied up” in the family’s Coyote Pass property, Janelle expressed, “I am a smart woman and I have done this very dumb thing. …I trusted in this family structure, but now I’m really stuck. And I’m like, ‘Oh my hell. I’m 50, and I have nothing”.

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