Sister Wives Meri Heads To NYC During Recent Kody And Leon Drama

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems content to let Kody Brown and their child Leon Brown deal with their drama as she heads to NYC.

Is Meri truly unbothered by the drama or just tired of drama after the fallout from all of the separations?

Sister Wives Spoilers – What Is Going On Between Kody Brown And Leon Brown?

Kody Brown and Leon Brown no longer have a relationship after the transitioning surgery. Kody says he wants nothing to do with Leon after they transitioned and has completely cut ties with Leon.

Kody furthermore says he finds what his child has done to be disgusting and that he doesn’t recognize his child anymore.

Meri Brown Of course, Meri didn’t react the best in the world when she found out her child was gay. Meri did grow to be okay with it and apologized for her reaction.

Meri seems to have a great relationship with Leon after all of this. Meri also no longer feels the need to play peacekeeper for Kody and any of the children, especially Leon.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Posted Photos From NYC

In Meri’s recently posted video from Central Park in Manhattan, she looks very happy to be out and enjoying herself.

Meri was responding to a Psychologist who claims she should not claim to support someone who believes she is not 100% on board.

Of course, this is calling Meri a hypocrite although she doesn’t agree with that assessment.

Some fans agree, saying that Meri should not support her child transitioning if she truly feels the way she claims about piercings.

If Meri truly believes that God would have put holes in your ears if you were meant to wear earrings, how can she not believe that transitioning is wrong because if God wanted you to be a different gender he would have made you so?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Do Not Necessarily Agree With Meri Brown

According to Sister Wives fans, Meri misunderstood what the Psychologist was trying to say. Fans even urged Meri to take the time to watch the video again because she misunderstood.

The Psychologist even posted a new video to further explain what he meant. Meri was encouraged to watch this video as well so that she would truly understand.

It ended up showing that this psychologist and his wife are huge fans of Meri’. It also seems that Meri can be a bit defensive.

Of course, Leon is grown and can stand up for themself. Meri doesn’t always have to fight Leon’s battles and it is Kody and Leon’s issue to deal with.

Of course, Leon is not the only child that Kody is estranged from and it is likely to stay that way from some of the kid’s point of view.

Keep checking back for all of your Sister Wives news and spoilers. Sister Wives can be seen on TLC Sundays at 10 pm

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