Josh Duggar: FCI Seagoville Dissed By Amy King & Her Mom Deanna

Josh Duggar  Former 19 Kids and Counting star, Josh Duggar serves time in FCI Seagoville in Texas, and his cousin Amy King and her mom, Deanna have a lot of questions. If you hadn’t heard, allegedly, he got his hands on a phone. Firstly, communications are strictly monitored there, and he can’t have access to the internet.

Josh Duggar  –  Serves Time In Seagoville For Online Activity

When the oldest son of Jim Bob Duggar was found guilty, he was handed a sentence of about 12 years for C-SAM-related crimes. In fact, to get his hands on the unpleasant abuse of little kids, he needed the internet. So, it seems a bit shocking that allegedly, security slipped up and he managed to obtain a phone. No details emerged, other than stories that he’s been punished by being sent to the SHU, (Solitary confinement.)

Josh Duggar probably isn’t the only one in the prison who illegally gets access to a phone. In fact, a remarkable number of videos and photos made their way out. Notably, YouTube influencer Katie Joy, of Without a Crystal Ball received some. One of them revealed that Anna visited Josh with the kids. So the fact that he got his hands on a phone, makes TLC viewers wonder if she had something to do with it. This week, Josh’s cousin Amy King, and his aunt Deanna dissed the prison because of the phone.

Josh Duggar – Amy King And Deanna Have Questions

In her TikTok video this week, Amy King sat in the car with her mom. She opened up by saying. “Hi, okay, so we just have a couple of questions to the jail that is holding Josh.” Although her mom corrected her and reminded her it’s a “prison,” she continued. First, she asked, “how did he get a cell phone?” Next, Deanna chipped in and ticked off a second question, asking, “What was he looking at?”

Josh Duggar Sentencing Readers Are Shocked By Reported Porn Images
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Well, according to Amy, she has no desire to “ever know” what Josh Duggar looked at. Meanwhile, the questions kept on coming and she asked, “what did he do to get the cell phone?” Obviously, it’s anyone’s guess, but clearly, their minds turn to something other than savory judging by their expressions. Finally, they asked, “Who gave him the cell phone?”

Josh Duggar – TLC Viewers Thing The Have The Answers

Some people said in the comments on TikTok, that they think Josh Duggar got his wife  “Anna” to sneak the phone in. Meanwhile, another person opined, “Many many inmates get phones.. they have to keep them hidden as much as possible and are charged usually with more time if it’s found.”

On that subject, a follower hinted that it probably involved paying off a guard. They said, “Prison isn’t ran well (sic). He prob likes it there. He’s rich. Everyone likes rich in prison. Even staff.”

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