Jinger Vuolo Opens Up About Denouncing IBLP With Fans On Social Media What Did She Say?

Duggar Family News reveals that Jinger Vuolo has started to open up more about the choices that she has made with her religion.

The Duggar children were raised by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to be part of the IBLP, or the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Jinger recently wrote a memoir about her life in the IBLP and how it changed her life forever. This religion was exposed on the Amazon documentary, Shiny, Happy People.

Jinger Vuolo

Even though Jinger did not appear on it, her sister, Jill Dillard did. Jinger, much like her sister, feels that it is up to her to educate others on the religion. Let’s find out more.

Duggar Family News – The News About the IBLP

In a recent interview with Mayim Bialik, Jinger opened up about leaving the religion and the views that she has about Bill Gothard, the founder of it.

When Bialik posted the interview, she captioned it, “Jinger opens up about the evolution of her views on Bill Gothard’s extreme religious teachings, how it feels to deal with her family’s struggles as someone in the public eye, and her anxiety as a result if trying to precisely follow religious principles.

She discusses the positives of her upbringing, what forced her to finally challenge her beliefs, and her technical approach to disentangling from the religious falsehoods she was taught.”

This interview shocked a lot of Jinger’s fans and they were quick to begin listening. Of course, they really want to know her views today and how she has changed from when her parents brought her up in this religion.

Duggar Family News – Jinger Vuolo’s Explanations

When Jinger opened up to Mayim, she began, “When you are in the public eye, I think that people do expect you to share everything with them. Whenever I thought about this story and sharing my journey out of these teachings, I thought it’s necessary because of how many people have heard me promote these teachings, even as a young girl. I want to come back and say this is harmful and this is not helpful, and hopefully, they would come out and find freedom themselves.”

After Jinger shared her book with her fans, she was happy about being able to truly open up to her fans about her life and the religion that she was raised in.

Her personal story is inspiring to a lot of people that have been caught up in a religion like this one too.

Her book may have helped more people by opening up about what it has been like to be in the IBLP.

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