Jinger Vuolo Causes More Divorce Rumors To Swirl

Jinger Vuolo Duggar Family News reveals that fans have started to notice some changes in inger Vuolo’s behavior. Since she has been on her book tour, it looks as if she has changed a lot. Since she released the book, there have been rumors flying that she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo were splitting up.

Her fans have claimed that they have seen hints that these two are not doing well in their marriage right now. It turns out that there are even more fans who claim that Jinger is acting as if she is leaving her husband. Let’s find out why they think this.

Duggar Family News  – Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo’s Story

As Jinger’s life story was shown on TLC, fans felt that she would end up being the black sheep of the family. She was seen as the free spirit and rebel of the Duggar family.

She ended up meeting Jeremy, who isn’t as conservative as her family is. The couple got together in 2016 and ever since, Jinger has changed her look.

She started wearing jeans and shorts and then wrote a book exposing her entire family’s views. It also turns out that these two drink alcohol, which was completely out of the question for her famous family.

Jeremy and Jinger now live in Los Angeles with their two daughters and it doesn’t seem as if they follow the rules that Jinger was raised with.

They have been married for about seven years and no matter how in love they seem, there are plenty of divorce rumors swirling around them these days.

Duggar Family News  – The Hints Are Flowing

Just recently, Jinger began to drop subtle hints that the couple was on the outs. She posted quite a few photos of herself without Jeremy while she was in Arkansas.

Not only that, her fans were quick to point out that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. Of course, Jinger and Jeremy got so much backlash about it, they had to address the rumors in a video to their fans. Jeremy said to the camera, “I don’t think…we’re not getting divorced.” Then Jinger said, “Don’t worry, we’re not.”

Jinger claimed that she was wearing her ring every time she was in a picture and that she felt it was reverse imaging that was the cause of all of this confusion from fans.

It is clear that after they addressed this issue, there is no need for fans to think that they are getting a divorce or are they trying to cover it up. We will just have to wait and see.

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