Jacob Roloff Reveals Mateo Can Already Count To 11

Jacob Roloff and his wife, Isabel Rock welcomed Mateo in December 2021, which makes him 19 months old now. He’s not described by Little People Big World fans as cute at all. Mostly, that’s because, since his birth, fans never saw his face. However he’s getting old enough to talk now, and his dad just revealed that he can count to eleven.

Jacob Roloff – Won’t Let Fans See Mateo’s Face

Many TLC fans were irked by Isabel because she made such a big thing about her pregnancy. In fact, she just about updated people daily, and they, in return, encouraged her through her first experience of becoming a mom. It was Jacob who came out super-hostile one day and ranted at fans who suggested they see photos of the kid.

Jacob Roloff decided his son will choose to be photographed for the internet or not. So, you could wait a very long time before you see his face. Most people respect that. However, they did have some issues with Isabel who put her birth story behind a paywall. So, she got a lot of heat for allegedly monetizing her baby.

Jacob Roloff

Jacob Roloff – Drops Some  Info About Mateo

Little People Big World fans don’t hear nothing at all about the child. In fact, they heard a while back, that he could sign when he was a young baby. Actually, a lot of people liked that because it apparently makes it easy for them to communicate their needs. Now that he is able to count, his dad shared it on his Instagram stories.

Jacob Roloff Reveals Mateo Can Already Count To 11
Jacob Roloff / Instagram Stories

Jacob Roloff shared a video and told fans to put on the sound. Standing with his back to the camera, the little kid started counting after his mom asked him if he could. Actually, he did really well and counted all the way to 11. Is he an unusually bright child?

Jacob Roloff – Most Kids Can Count To Ten

Jacob Roloff’s child doesn’t seem to be especially gifted. However, he didn’t tell his fans how old Mateo was when he learned to count to ten. According to Baby Center. “By the age of two, most toddlers can count up to 10 by rote, but they may skip around in their counting.” For now, he probably doesn’t understand the concept of adding and subtraction, but by three or four, he’s likely to grasp that.

Are you impressed that baby Mateo, who’s not quite two years old yet can already count to 11? A few months shy of hitting two, do you think he might be a gifted child? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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