Is Mama June Star Pumpkin Efird Selling Fake Disney Merchandise?

Pumpkin Efird Mama June: Family Crisis airs a new season on WETV at the moment, and Pumpkin allegedly continues to insult and even threaten fans of the show on social media. This week, followers are discussing whether she is selling fake Disney merchandise after a buyer allegedly changed their mind about a purchase.

Mama June Spoilers – Family Crisis Critics Fed Up With Pumpkin Efird

Many WETV fans love Pumpkin, make no mistake. They love her because she raises so many kids at such a  young age. But mostly, they like that she stepped up for her little sister, Alana Thompson. However, she and Alana and even their mom, June Shannon are starting to put people off the family and off the show. Mostly, it relates to them constantly begging for money or trying to raise it on social media.

As she asked for money to buy a mini-van, some people get angry that Pumpkin becomes insulting towards those people who follow her on TikTok. Mama June Fans are also subjected to a lot of really ugly cuss words. Not long ago, she and her sister, Alana swore out people who cared about Alana’s safety when she was reportedly in a police chase with her boyfriend, Dralin. Now, reports come that she got really aggressive with a fan who changed their mind about buying one of the products that she hustles.

Mama June Spoilers – Fan Called A B–CH By Pumpkin?

There are quite a lot of social posts about Pumpkin cussing out a customer. One apparently involved someone who paid shipping and then fell asleep and somehow didn’t complete the purchase. but allegedly Pumpkin kept the money and wouldn’t refund it. Later, a screenshot arrived on Reddit where the WETV star said “If you waste my time I will keep your money.” Elle Bee on YouTube also talked about a customer that was allegedly called a “B–tch” on TikTok.

Is Mama June Star Pumpkin Efird Selling Fake Disney Merchandise
Ella Bee YouTube Via u/VibesBaeBe / Reddit

On Reddit, some former Mama June fans started speculating that Pumpkin Efird might be selling fake Disney merchandise. One community member, U/VibesBaeBe OP commented, “Selling LV merch on TT!!!! She’s that slow.” Anyway., Disney merch also crept into the conversation.

U/chantillylace9 claimed, “Even in China fake purse markets the LV stuff was kept behind a hidden wall because LV sued and was way more aggressive to people caught selling their fakes.” Then they alleged, “They are also selling fake Disney stuff!!”

Mama June Spoilers – Is There Fake Disney Merch?

One Mama June critic who joined the community, u/nobody10101010, noted. One of her mods was in the chat saying pumpkin can sue elle bee and I said girl pumpkin is gonna get sued for those bootleg disney cups & bows before that happens ?.”

Actually, Disney is not scared to sue anyone big or small who sells fake merchandise. As to whether Pumpkin Efird is selling fake merch or not, can’t be verified at this time.

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