Grey’s Anatomy Star Wants The Show To Keep Going

Kim Raver wants Grey's Anatomy to continue
Kim Raver [Image @greysabc/Instagram]

Grey’s Anatomy fans are disappointed as Ellen Pompeo leaves her role as Dr. Meredith Grey. Many believe the Shondaland series cannot continue without her iconic character. However, at least one star of the medical drama wants the series to keep going. In fact, Kim Raver, who plays Dr. Teddy Altman, says there are many more stories to tell.

Kim Raver wants Grey’s Anatomy to keep going

Kim Raver wants Grey's Anatomy to continue
Kim Raver [Image @greysabc/Instagram]

Grey’s Anatomy star Kim the actress, who has recently had her directorial debut, believes it should, at least, reach the magic milestone of 20 seasons.

The popular medical drama has been running since 2005 and has kept some of its major core characters. However, other cast members have left over the years, and now it’s Ellen Pompeo’s turn to leave her role as Dr. Meredith Grey. In fact, while she still narrates episodes, Pompeo left in mid-season 19. Due to her iconic character leaving Grey Sloan Memorial, many fans believe Grey’s Anatomy is coming to an end. However, at least one cast member believes the show must go on.

In her interview with ET Online, Raver said that the show must, at least hit the magical 20 season mark. In fact, she feels it can continue way past that milestone. Kim said:

Oh, let’s keep on going! We would all love season 20. There feels something very momentous about a season 20. I don’t feel that way. I just feel like there’s [something] inherently in Greys Anatomy and the amazing way to tell human stories and I feel like that just can keep going. We have all these new, young interns and there’s so many stories to be told with them and I love them in contrast with the attendings. I think its longevity can keep going because the stories are ever-evolving.

Should the medical drama continue?

Kim Raver - director
Kim Raver makes directorial debut on Grey’s Anatomy [Image @greysabc/Instagram]

As fans know, a new bunch of residents has been introduced to Grey Sloan Memorial and each has a story to tell. However, has Grey’s Anatomy come to a point where it should quietly end?

Ellen Pompeo herself believed that the show should end and had said she was trying to convince the cast and crew to call “cut,” due to a potential lack of a story going forward. However, the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, has also pondered ending the series. In fact, she revealed she had written an ending for Grey’s Anatomy eight times.

While many feel the show should end without Ellen, saying it has run its course, others disagree. With its rich history and high popularity, it is likely that fans will keep on watching Grey’s Anatomy, no matter how long it runs.

Watch the full interview with Kim Raver on ET Online’s website here.

Readers, do you want Grey’s Anatomy to continue, at least until season 20, or beyond? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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