1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Halterman Files For Protective Order

Amy Halterman1000-Lb Sisters spoilers revealed that things were not going well for Amy Halterman and her husband, Michael. A few days ago, the news dropped that she filed for a protective order from Michael. Recently, Amy filed for divorce, and she reportedly moved in with her Sister Tammy Slaton.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Divorce For Amy Halterman And Michael

Everything seemed to be fine with Amy and her husband. In fact, she seemed thrilled when they married. Then, when Gage arrived, the family of three seemed set to last. However, since the arrival of baby Glenn, it seems that things slid downhill. Actually, the first inkling that TLC fans got suggesting a rift came at a family picnic. Recall, while crying, Amy said that she feels like she has three kids.

At the end of February, rumors arrived suggesting that the 1000-Lb Sisters duo planned a divorce. In fact, fans reasoned that if she really moved into Tammy Slaton’s home with the kids, the split must be real. Later, that rumor was confirmed. By then, TLC fans were slamming Michael as lazy and they urged Amy to get out of the marriage. Well, she did and reportedly, Michael signed the divorce papers.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Emergency Protective Order

The news that Amy Halterman filed for an emergency protective order arrived via The Sun. The outlet reported, “According to Kentucky court documents, Amy, 35, filed a protective order on February 28- just four days after making a 911 call claiming Michael, 40, had become “violent” in their home.” Not stopping there, she also allegedly “opened a domestic violence case… against Michael.”.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Halterman Files For Protective Order
TLC / YouTube

1000-Lb Sisters fans heard that when the couple got into an argument, the kids were present and he allegedly started throwing things around. Actually, Michael Halterman is a large man, and the kids are tiny. If that happened, then It is not surprising that the TLC star got the kids out of there and headed to the court.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Living With Tammy Slaton

Amy seemed determined to get away from her sister and a few seasons ago, she and Michael moved into their own place. Fortunately for Amy, her sister’s husband Caleb remains in rehab so there was room for her with Tammy. As she filed for a protection order and divorce proceedings, it seems unlikely there will be a reconciliation. While fans might not be surprised at all the drama, it does raise some concern that Amy might regress again.

Has the time come for Tammy Slaton to be the strong one in the family? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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