Tornados Cause Dozens of Deaths in Midwest Weather Disaster

Tornados Cause Dozens of Deaths in Midwest Weather DisasterLate Friday night and into Saturday morning residents in parts of central and southern US, including Kentucky, were slammed with tornadoes that killed more than 100 people, and the death toll is rising.

In Kentucky where the tornadoes seemed to hit the hardest, the governor, Andy Beshear, said that the number of deaths in his state alone is likely to exceed 50 after, “one of the toughest nights in Kentucky history.”

Arkansas and Kentucky Hit by ‘One Long-track tornado’

More than 30 tornadoes have been reported across six southern states. A stretch of more than 200 miles through parts of Arkansas and Kentucky, might have been hit by one long-track tornado, according to CNN meteorologists.

Images of the devastation are terrifying, with one tornado traveling 223 miles, tearing through multiple Kentucky counties. WHAS11 in Louisville, Kentucky interviewed a victim of the terrible tornado-inducing squall line, Camillia Jones, as she surveyed the destruction left behind by the storm including her church.

“I’m takin pictures of the church I grew up in, my father helped build, and It’s just devastating how the city is because I’ve been here all my life – and I can’t believe what I’m seein. You know?” she told the reporter, adding, “It’s heartbreaking. Very heartbreaking.”

Per TMZ, workers inside a candle factory in Kentucky shared a horrifying Facebook audio in which workers can be heard sobbing and begging for help.

“Please y’all, give us some help! We are at the candle factory in Mayfield. Please, please. Y’all! Please send us some help. Somebody, please send us some help, we are trapped!”

The distraught worker whose identity is not yet known went on with her pleas saying, “The wall is stuck on me. Nobody can get to us, y’all, we can’t move!”

A nursing home in Arkansas was hit killing at least one resident there.

The devastation is not yet over as the very large squall line that stretched from the coast of Louisiana reaching all the way up to Canada, continues to move to the east, undoubtedly leaving more destruction in its wake. Huge portions of multiple states have been left without power and as cleanup is just beginning the devastation isn’t even fully understood yet.

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