Extreme Sisters Spoilers: Meet TLC’s Season 2 Cast

Extreme SistersTLC has developed a reputation for tempting reality TV viewers into adding just one more show to their line-up. And season one of Extreme Sisters lived up to the network’s reputation. But can season two do the same?

Find out what Extreme Sisters spoilers reveal. And discover what lies ahead in season two (hint: Two sisters share the same dream of marrying identical twins!). Get all the news that you need about Extreme Sisters season two below, including the premiere date.

Extreme Sister Season 2 Spoilers – Meet The Cast!

Can season two of Extreme Sisters outdo season one? Well, maybe. Because the second season spoilers reveal an intriguing mix of newbies with returning cast members, according to In Touch Weekly.

For instance, twins Anna and Lucy join twins Christina and Jessica in the line-up of returning cast members. And new cast members range from more twins to triplets! Extreme Sisters season two will feature stepsisters Ashley and Vee, twins Jordan and Randi and identical triplets Hannah, Katherine and Nadia.

TLC developed the show and premiered it in 2021 to showcase sisters who take their bonds to an unprecedented level. Because the Extreme Sisters stars seem so obsessed with each other, fans felt fascinated by the siblings. And the show also highlights what may seem unconventional about the cast members’ lives.

Extreme Sister Season 2 Spoilers – Staten Island Sisters Are Identical Triplets

For an example of what to expect on Extreme Sisters, consider newcomers Hannah, Katherine and Nadia. Known as the Staten Island Sisters, these identical triplets share a tight bond. For instance, they sleep with their legs together. And they even made up their own language.

Both the triplets and other Extreme Sisters stars like to share a single Instagram account. But when it comes to sharing, Anna and Lucy turned heads during season one for sharing a boyfriend. “We had separate boyfriends in the past and it did not work. We always have to have the same partner. When we had separate partners they always tried to separate us. It destroyed everything because we never want to be apart. For us sharing a boyfriend, it’s a lot easier for our lives,” shared Lucy.

Other highlights of season two Extreme Sisters include returning stars Christina and Jessica. Known as the Psychic Sisters, the siblings work as Intuitive Life and Love Coaches. And Christina will add more to their lives this season as she expects her second baby with her younger boyfriend John.

Extreme Sister Season 2 Spoilers – Country Chic Sisters Dream Of Marrying Identical Twins

Identical twins, new Extreme Sisters stars Jordan and Randi became known as the Country Chic Sisters. But after spending their lives in a tight bond, what happens when they marry? The twins came up with a dream solution of dating and wedding identical twin brothers. And season two will show the twins pursuing that dream with partners Daniel and Derek.

But for an insight into what to expect on season two, consider what returning Extreme Sisters star Lucy says. As a result of her bond with her sister Anna, she and her twin “want to live like one person. We need everything to be identical: our clothes, our makeup. I need to follow her wherever she goes so if she walks into the next room, I have to. We have to do the same steps, too.”

Tell us what you think. Do you plan to watch season two of Extreme Sisters when it premieres on TLC on Monday, January 23, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET/PT? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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