Electrical Fire In Prison Pushes Josh Duggar Out Of Solitary

Josh Duggar Duggar Family News reveals that there has been a fire in the prison where Josh Duggar is being held. He was serving time in solitary confinement for sneaking in a cell phone, but with this fire, he had to be moved. The Texas prison had to take the right measures in order to make sure that everyone was safe during this fire. Where are they holding him now?

Josh Duggar – The Texas Prison Fire

Reports from last week came out that the fire was started in the recreational room and it was an electrical fire. A source close to the prison said, “There was an electrical fire in the recreational room last week. Nobody was hurt. They don’t know what caused it. The guards have shut down the room and no one is allowed in until it is inspected.”

Interestingly enough, there were actually no phone calls made to the fire department in the area about the fire. It seems that the guards were able to put it out on their own. The prison has had a lot of complaints though. In fact, there have been inmates tell their families about how horrible the conditions at the prison are.

One inmate even told their family that the prison is using genators for power and this has been going on since before Christmas! How horrible are the conditions here?

Josh Duggar – Prison Conditions Questioned

The prison has had a lot of backlash for quite some time over the facility and the way that the inmates are treated. Some inmates have fallen ill and have not been given the proper care or medications. The water and power have been questioned as well. There have been blackouts at the prison and on many days the inmates are kept in the dark.

Josh was spending time in solitary confinement and the conditions there weren’t any better. A source close to the prison reported that the regional office had to make a trip to the prison to see what was going on after they had so many complaints. The guards have been putting inmates in solitary and just letting them sit in there indefinitely.

This mistreatment of the prisoners has come up time and time again. It seems that moving Josh out of solitary due to the fire was fortunate for him. Who knows what could have happened if he had stayed down there any longer. We will continue to keep an eye on things at the prison and update our readers when we find out more.

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