Counting On: Why Doesn’t Jana Duggar Have A Boyfriend

Counting On: Why Doesn't Jana Duggar Have A Boyfriend

Counting On fans have watched the Duggar girls be married off one by one as soon as they reached “courting age.”  But, unlike her sisters, Jana Duggar seems to be going against the grain and STILL has not said “I Do,” began courting, or began popping out babies.  Why doesn’t Jana Duggar have a boyfriend?  Or even a potential suitor trying to court her?

Counting On fans were convinced for a while that Jana Duggar may secretly be interested in women and even had a rumored “girlfriend” at one point.  But, there doesn’t seem to be any truth to those rumors.  And, surely if Jim Bob Duggar caught wind of it he put a kibosh on it.

Is Jana Duggar Dating

The Institute of Basic Life Principles Church (the Duggar’s radically conservative religion that is often compared to a cult) certainly would not condone Jana Duggar in a same sex relationship.   But, it’s starting to look like Jana Duggar’s sexual preference has nothing to do with her not dating, however it may be entirely to do with IBLF.

Jana Duggar is very close with her brother James Duggar and recently went on vacation with him.  James Duggar seems to be living a relatively normal life and has reportedly stepped away from his parents’ religion.  Jana has also been spending time with her sister Jinger Duggar as well, and Jinger recently released a memoir that made it pretty clear she is not a fan of the Duggar’s strict religion and parenting tactics either.

Counting On Kids Bail On IBLF

Jana Duggar might be dating, and just is not following her family’s strict IBLF courting rules that have been featured on Counting On over the years.  Like her siblings, Jana seems to be stepping away from the Institute of Basic Life Principles, and that means she is not willing to be married off and start popping out babies just because that is what her family expects.

Does Jana Duggar not have a boyfriend because she has stepped away from the church and is living her best life?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Counting On spoilers and Jana Duggar updates.

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