Does Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Have A Good Point About Truely?

Kody Brown Sister Wives starlet Truely Brown is the youngest child of Kody and Christine Brown. TLC Fans like her because they saw her fight for her life as a kid when she needed dialysis. As she grew older, she became a bit of a jokester. But now the 13-year-old is living in the same house as David Woolley, Kody allegedly feels it’s inappropriate, Does he have a good point?

Sister Wives Spoilers –  Truely Brown Adjusts To A New Life

Kody’s daughter was one of the last to hear that her mom wanted to separate from her dad on a permanent basis. Although they were not legally married, and she was a spiritual wife, he clearly considered Christine to be a wife. Anyway, they divorced, but obviously not officially in a court of law as they were not married in the eyes of the law in the first place. Apparently, Kody hates that these days his daughter lives with her mom’s fiance, David Woolley.

Sister Wives fans saw that Christine left Kody, arrived in Utah, and soon started talking about dating. Many of them hoped that she would slow down. After all, they feared she might get hurt again. Plus, they felt that Truely would need time to adjust to the situation. Like it or not, Kody Brown is her father, and now her whole world turned around. Actually, some fans think she looks uncomfortable being thrust into David’s apparently happy-family photos.

Sister Wives Rumors – Kody Brown Disapproves

This week, The Sun revealed via an unnamed source, that Kody Brown allegedly thinks it’s totally wrong that his daughter lives in the same home as David Woolley. Actually, Truely and the custody arrangements are set to air in Season 18 of the show. At the moment, plenty of rumors suggest that it will be something of a combative nature. In fact, multiple spoilers arrive about how Kody’s allegedly upset about David being in Truely’s life.

Does Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Have A Good Point About Truely
Christine Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives spoilers revealed that Christine and David purchased a new home in Utah. As Truely lives with her mom, she now lives with David as well. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to figure that the couple probably shares the same bed. The outlet cited a source as saying, “It has been brought up several times by Kody, 54, that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for his daughter to be living in an unwed household.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Does Kody BrwonHave A Point?

Sister Wives fans know that the four wives didn’t live in the house as Kody until such time as they spiritually tied the knot. Although the kids knew their dad was dating Robyn, he didn’t make merry between the sheets with her with his kids at home until it was appropriate. However, as the wedding of Christine and David is set for the summer, his objections could fly out the window soon.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Kody might have a good moral point? Let us know in the comments below.

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