Counting On: Joy-Anna & Austin Forsyth Share Sad Family News

Counting OnThis weekend, Counting On alums, Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth took to social media to share some very sad news. She’s pregnant again, but you needn’t worry that she lost the baby. Still, it’s been a “difficult” week for the couple. So, what happened? Read on to find out.

Counting On – Joy-Anna And Austin Forsyth Get Bad News

Recently, the couple ran into problems with some land they purchased. They hoped to develop it into an RV park, but the local community objected. That’s because it was situated near a daycare and primary school. At a meeting, the community expressed concern because random strangers living in the area might be attracted to minors. So, it was a big disappointment and reportedly might have lost them some cash. Hot on the heels of that, more bad news arrived.

This time, the news for the Counting On couple involved a family member and it’s a lot sadder for them than a property plan going wrong. The news came when they both took to their YouTube channel and spoke about a tragic event in their family. They have children and they don’t really get the sadness as they are very young. Recently, they visited with Austin’s dad and they all enjoyed playing in the snow. But after they went to church they got a call from his dad.

Counting OIn – Alum Austin Is Very Upset

Austin Forsyth told his followers that hisgrandmother passed away.” Apparently, she seemed to be in good health and the sudden death came out of the blue. Although she was in her 80s, Joy-Anna said that she still drove herself around. Additionally, she seemed to be young at heart and “feisty.” For Austin, it seems really sad because they’d just seen her at his dad’s place. Mind you, they felt a bit of consolation because they “got to spend her last few days with her.”

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Naturally, it’s more than just a fun weekend gone bad, as kids, grandkids, and great-grandchildren just lost a caring family member. Even if you know, like Austin, that someone lives a long and fulfilled life, it doesn’t make the loss any easier to bear. Naturally, TLC fans reacted to the news, and some comforting messages were put in the comments section.

Counting On – TLC Fans Comment On The Sad News

One Counting On fan, Angela Johnson said, “So sorry guys to hear that news. It’s never easy saying goodbye. Thinking of you all and sending thoughts and prayers ?.”

Next, Joyce Lloyd wrote, “My deepest and heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your grandmother. It’s very hard to say goodbye to a loved one. The kids will understand someday.” 

Let us know what you think about the sad news from Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth in the comments below.

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