Counting On Alums Joy-Anna & Austin Forsyth Take Heat For Land Plan

Counting OnFolks who know the Counting On family are not always fans of the former TLC cast and Joy-Ann Duggar and Austin Forsyth just got some folks up in arms. Allegedly, it all revolves around a land plan that the couple have in mind. Since Josh Duggar’s trial, fans of the show eased up a bit with hate on social media because Austin seemed to be supportive of his wife, but comments reveal there’s still a lot of bad feeling.

Counting On –  Joy-Anna & Austin Forsyth Should Know Better

The plan that the couple have is surprising as they raise their own kids, and she expects another child this year. Allegedly, their plan will impact on local children. So, parents in the area seem really upset about it. If the expansion in the area comes to fruition, the entire community could slide downhill and encourage dead-beats and hillbillies into an apparently pleasant community. Actually, the sentiment seems to be that the two parents just don’t get that the project will impact on families.

Counting On viewers often diss the Duggar family, but it’s not likely that the people in the community spend a lot of time scrutinizing their Instagram pages. Critics will point out dangerous parenting or other mistakes the family might make. But that’s more fun than serious hate. However, it looks like plenty of non-keyboard warriors have something to say right now. So what has angered people to the point that they reached out to influencer, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball? Read on to find out.

Counting On – Couple Plans Land Development

According to a source who contacted Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball on Instagram, Joy-Anna and Austin want to develop some land into an RV park. She noted that someone called up a homeowner trying to buy their property, and it seemed like a strange and “random” request. Allegedly, the former TLC couple has plans to locate an RV park, meant for “camping, and renting,” close to a school and a “daycare.” Unfortunately, this sort of place often ends up as a place where the camping goes out the window, and residents end up living permanently in the area.

Counting On Alums Joy-Anna And Austin Forsyth Take Heat For Land Plan
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

A source who stays right next door to the property is very upset. The Counting On stars make her fear “a transient population that creates chaos in the community.” Apparently, the attraction for campers is an area where folks can explore nature. However, there’s “limited access” to that sort of thing and “no walkways to parks.” Obviously, the biggest concern is that people who stay there might be strangers to the community. The thought of folks fighting and drinking right next to a facility for small kids is of major concern.

Counting On – Plans To Prevent The Development

Things might not go easy for the Counting On alums. According to the source, “there is a planning meeting next week which neighbors say they will be attending and fighting the couple’s plans.”

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