Counting On Fans Are Blown Away By Jill Dillard’s Courage

Jill DillardCounting On fans knew much of the story of Jill Dillard long before Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets arrived on Amazon Prime. Some folks unfamiliar with the show might think she’s on a roll. After all, her book is launching in January. And probably, it will become a best-seller. But it came at a high cost, so TLC fans are blown away by her courage.

Counting On Spoilers – Alum Jill Dillard Faces Criticism

First up, anyone familiar with the Duggar family could anticipate that Jim Bob Duggar would not be happy that Jill appeared in the controversial docuseries. Sure enough, just ahead of the premiere, he and Michelle dropped a statement on their blog. Mostly, he seemed to suggest strongly, that Jill has dishonored the family by talking outside of their community. Actually, fans already know that what happens inside the family is kept inside the circle.

Counting On fans had hoped that Jinger Vuolo would step up and publically support her sister. Bear in mind, she wrote her book, Becoming Free, Indeed. And that book, like the Shiny Happy show, also dissed the Institute Of Basic Life Principles, (IBLP). However, she seems to be back in the family fold, and nothing came from her yet. Meanwhile, fans found out that Jed Duggar isn’t happy either. So, TLC fans are happy that Jill’s husband Derick is rock solid with her.

Counting On Alum Spoilers – Jill Dillard Talks About Courage

With the four-part Amazon series over, Jill took to her Instagram and promoted her book, Counting The Cost. But before that,m she wrote, “?Life a journey. Sometimes courage is built in the toughest storms.” Everyone could see how difficult it was for her to call out the way she was raised and treated.

Counting On Fans Are Blown Away By Jill Dillard Courage
Jill Dillard / Instagram

Counting On fans who watched Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets saw that on occasions, Jill held back. Tearful, it broke her followers’ hearts. Actually, that could explain why her cousin Amy King was also in the docuseries. She seemed to validate those things that Jill couldn’t talk about too deeply.

Counting On Spoilers –  Courage And Strength Praised

Counting On fans who saw the post by Jill Dillard were quick to support her and assure her that she didn’t “dishonor” her family. One follower wrote, “You did a great job on the documentary! I don’t even see any “dishonoring” of your parents; just facts about what happened and captivating on all the beautiful childhood memories. Keep on doing what you’re doing…”

Meanwhile the word “courage” was often mentioned. Here is just one example of those positive comments: “Just finished Shiny Happy People and I am blown away by your strength and courage. I don’t know you personally but I’m proud of you. You have lots of people rooting for you. Sending you love and positivity.”

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