Does Counting On Alum Jinger Vuolo Support Jill Dillard Speaking Out?

Counting On It was just a matter of a few months ago that Counting On alum Jinger Vuolo got loads of attention for her book, Becoming Free, Indeed, and Jill Dillard was supportive. In her book, Jeremy’s wife slammed Bill Gothard and the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP) hard. Now that Jill is doing something similar on the Amazon docuseries, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, has Jinger returned the favor?

Counting On Spoilers – Jill Dillard Speaks Out In Docuseries

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is hard-hitting and many TLC fans love that Jill, who looked sad and uncomfortable at times, had the courage to open up about her life. When JInger’s book a launched, there was a lot of love sent her way by fans. But, not much support came from her family. However, it was noted that Jill Dillard stepped up to publically show her support. In fact, she helped to share the book and told her fans about the pre-order. 

Some Counting On fans believe, however, that despite that apparent support, the two sisters are not all that close. Apart from sharing about the book, Jill also commented on her sister’s Instagram and congratulated her. So, why do fans think that they aren’t close? Well, some of them speculated about it because it’s unusual for them to jump on each other’s page and get all cozy. However, others thought that it was clear that there were no problems between the two sisters.

Counting On Spoilers – Is Jinger Vuolo Showing Jill Dillard Support?

If Jinger has shouted out her congrats about Jill’s new upcoming book, Counting The Cost,” then surely by now some media outlet would have said something. Probably, if she had liked or posted in support of her sister on Shiny Happy People, the same would apply. But random searches on the internet don’t produce any articles about it. Influencer Katie Joy from, Without A Crystal Ball talked about it on her social media on June 2.

Does Counting On Alum Jinger Vuolo Support Jill Dillard Speaking Out
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Katie Joy has done many years of research and digging into the Counting On family. So, she’s quite clued up on what might be happening behind the scenes. According to her searches, JInger hasn’t reacted to Jill in the Amazon show, or to her book. Some folks argued that there are many posts, and she might have liked it somewhere. Additionally, they talked about how the search returns might not be accurate. However, Katie said, “I follow Jinger and all the people I follow show up. She wasn’t there & I searched too.”

Counting On Spoilers – TLC Fans React In The Comments

Counting On fans who think that Katie is right, and Jinger has not been supportive, had their say. One of them opined, “She’s still brainwashed by the cult. Because as a sister to the victims she should not be silent. She too needs intensive therapy. She’s a victim as well”

Another commenter said, “Jinger left one controlling cult for another, same with her husband. She can’t have a thought of her own or response.”

What do you think? Did you see any sign that Jinger Vuolo reached out in support of her sister, Jill? Let us know in the comments below.

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