Chrisley Knows Best Star Nanny Faye Has Fans Giggling Again

Chrisley Knows Chrisley Knows Best fans adore Nanny Faye, the mom of Todd. Despite him being in prison for tax and fraud-related offenses, season 10 of the USA Network show plays out at the moment. Of course, she and her grandson Chase Chrisley get up to their usual shenanigans, and now, she got interested in hot young men.

Chrisley Knows Best  – How Is Nanny Faye Coping With Life?

Last year, fans even forgave Nanny Faye for slipping in a bit of a product shoutout in the show. It came when she sat chatting with Chase. Talking about Hemorrhoids, the USA Network star sat on a low wall, and it felt cool. So, she said to him, “when you sit down on this rock, they are cold.” Next, she told her grandson, “this cold off this rock on my butt, is better than Preparation H.” Naturally, fans had a good laugh. But, in real life, she isn’t really laughing a lot.

Chrisley Knows Best fans heard that Nanny Faye lost her son when he went to serve time in Pensacola for 12 years. That must have broken her heart. Actually, according to Savannah, she’s taking it hard. One of the biggest fears of her son, Todd, is that she suffers from cancer of the bladder. However, amidst a difficult time, she and Chase at least could report back that this year, she tested free of the disease. That made fans feel some joy.

Chrisley Knows Best  – Nanny Faye In Chrisley Knows Best Season 10 Is Fun

The reason why there’s even a 10th season of the show is that it was filmed prior to the criminal sentencing that Todd and Julie were given. In a way, it’s difficult for fans to watch because the USA Network will drop any further seasons of the show. Plus, it’s a bit hard for folks to see Nanny Faye in happier days. But at least they can giggle and smile at the older lady’s antics.

Chrisley Knows Best Star Nanny Faye Has Fans Giggling Again
Chrisley Knows Best Instagram

The latest episode of Chrisley Knows Best revealed that Chase was working at his dad’s place putting in drywall. Anyway, his grandma was on the phone, and he told her he was “hanging dry wall…like a builder.” As she kept chatting, and Chase wanted to get back to work, he handed the phone to Todd. In the footage, there was another younger man. When Nanny Faye spotted him, she told Todd to “go back” to him with the camera. Of course, Todd seemed shocked when she said that he “looks pretty good..”

Chrisley Knows Best  – Hot For Handsome Young Men

Chrisley Knows Best fans took to the comments to discuss Nanny Faye’s thoughts about younger men. One of them said, “Lmao Nanny Faye cracks me up.”

However, others discussed how they don’t believe that Todd and Julie committed the crimes they were accused of. One of them lamented, “I almost cry watching this. I pray ? they will get out of prison ? ?.”

Another follower wrote, “Love this show, love this family, LOVE Nanny Faye!! Sucks Todd & Julie are in prison, like whatever they did some fraud boo hoo. It’s not like they stole from innocent people like Jen Shah.”

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