Britney Spears Verbally ‘Abused’ Sam Asghari, Fought Over Her Fortune

Britney Spears and her estranged hubby (and soon-to-be ex) Sam Asghari have sparked a debate over what really happened during their 14-month marriage. For instance, insiders on Team Sam claim that Britney experienced anger issues. And she allegedly vented at least some of her rage at Asghari. But rumors also have swirled about Sam supposedly trying to get more money from Spears. 

Find out what sources revealed about what happened inside the marriage of the pop princess and Asghari. And discover the latest on their future. Get all the details below. 

Britney Spears – Yelled At Sam Asghari Amid Marriage

Marriage doesn’t always feature a happily ever after fairy tale. And that seems especially true for celebrities. Now Britney Spears faces allegations of treating her estranged husband cruelly during their marriage, according to OK magazine’s insiders.

Britney Spears Verbally ‘Abused’ Sam Asghari, Fought Over Her Fortune

And amid their 14-month marriage, the pop princess “would switch from hot to cold in an instant,” shared a source. Britney would allegedly yell at the personal trainer, telling him “that he was a con man.” And the insider also revealed that the songstress would scream that Sam “was secretly reporting to her family.”

But Spears also reportedly believed that her soon-to-be ex husband had “fooled her into believing that he loved her.” And she feared that Asghari “was just using her for fame and wealth.” Money became a heated point of discussion for the two as well.

Sam Asghari – Wanted To Control Britney’s Money

However, even before the two tied the knot, Asghari revealed in an interview that he did not plan to become a “house husband.” And he also announced that he wanted to take charge of Britney’s spending. “The whole interview rubbed her the wrong way,” shared a source. 

Because Britney had gone for more than 10 years without being able to control her $70 million fortune as a result of her conservatorship, she didn’t want to lose control again. And a source shared, “Britney wasn’t about to go back to asking for permission to spend her own hard-earned money.”

The two also battled over welcoming children into their lives. Britney “desperately wanted” kids, said the source. But Sam felt “in no rush to have children, despite everything he’d previously led her to believe,” noted the insider.

And one insider revealed that Asghari “definitely endured some abuse.” As for what happens next, the prenup “of course favors Britney,” noted the source. “But Sam will fight it. He knows more of her secrets than anyone.”

And Asghari also could issue threats of publicizing humiliating revelations about Britney before the publication of her memoir The Woman in Me, schedule for release in October. “If Sam is pushed into a corner,” warned the source, “he will fight back. He’s holding onto some bombshells.”

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