Blue Bloods Spoilers: Is Steve Schirripa Leaving?

Blue Bloods Blue Bloods spoilers and rumors have fans up in arms over a possible exit from the long-running CBS series.  Is Steve Schirripa leaving Blue Bloods?  Schirripa has played the part of Anthony Abetemarco on Blue Bloods since 2015 and is a fan favorite.

A recent episode of Blue Bloods on CBS featured a tough conversation between Anthony Abetemarco and Erin, and the detective mentioned he may quit, stirring up rumors that the actor is leaving the show.  It’s no secret that CBS is trying to bring down the Blue Bloods budget so the show can go on.

Blue Bloods Spoilers – Is Steve Schirripa  Leaving Blue Bloods?

The problem with a long running series like Blue Bloods, which premiered in 2010, is the show’s cast members have obviously been given raises and new contracts over the past decade and won’t work for any less.  So that leaves the network with two options, pull the plug because the show is costing more to make than it brings in, or start cutting some of the most high-paid cast members from episodes.

If CBS starts cutting high paid actors, then it’s safe to say Steve Schirripa will be on the chopping block.  The Sopranos star was a huge get for Blue Bloods back in 2015 and he most likely didn’t come cheap.  Schirripa has some pretty big name series and movies under his belt like The Sopranos, Aqua Teen Hunger Force,  and The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (On ABC Family, now Freeform).

Blue Bloods Spoilers – CBS Making Blue Bloods Cuts?

So far, CBS has not addressed the rumors regarding cast cuts, they have not confirmed they are letting any Blue Bloods actor go.  But, they haven’t exactly denied it either.  While Blue Bloods ratings have been touch and go over the years, the CBS drama is syndicated, and has a small but devoted group of fans that have been tuning in for years.  If the network can get the cast budget down, there’s a good chance the show is not going anywhere.

Blue Bloods, Blue Bloods spoilers, Blue Bloods updates, Blue Bloods news, CBSWhat cast members do you think Blue Bloods should cut loose?  Let us know in the comments below and keep checking Soap Opera Spy for more Blue Bloods spoilers and news.

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