Amy King Attacks Her Famous Family And Stands Up For Herself

Duggar Family News reveals that Amy King is once again calling out her famous family. Amy has been very open about how she was raised and her beliefs today.

She has never really agreed with the Duggars on the way that her cousins were raised. After Josh Duggar was sent to prison for possession of child pornography, she called him out as well. She has done her best to raise her son and live a happy life with her family. She is at it again and has a lot more to say.

Duggar Family News – Amy Duggar’s Thoughts on the Duggars

Amy appeared on the Amazon series, Shiny, Happy People and in the series, she shared her thoughts on the IBLP church and how she was raised in it.

She never felt like she was like her cousins and Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar made her feel like the black sheep of the family.

Duggar Family

Of course, she has carried this with her and grew a lot more liberal in her views. In a recent interview, she opened up about the “brainwashing” she feels the IBLP did to her family.

She began, “You know what’s crazy is that they won’t allow tampons, but they’ll allow predators in the home. IBLP, it kind of breeds predators, like it breeds little predators, and they’re not taught about sex in a healthy way.”

Amy feels as if the IBLP is to blame for Josh’s addiction to child pornography and for molesting his sisters and other young girls.

Duggar Family News – The Family Protection

After all of the horrible acts that Josh had committed came out, Amy felt that Michelle and Jim Bob did protect him. It seemed that they wanted to sweep it all under the rug and they did.

She hates that she isn’t that big in her cousins’ lives anymore, but she has to keep herself away from them for her own reasons.

She doesn’t want her son to be part of that side of the family due to Josh’s actions and it does hurt her to keep him away, but she is doing what she can to protect him.

Amy will more than likely add more of her opinion about the Duggars as time goes on. She is confident in the way that she is raising her son.

She doesn’t want her son to be exposed to the IBLP and what she had to deal with growing up. You can find more of Amy on her social media accounts, where she is very open about her family.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Duggar Family News right now. Come back here often for Duggar family news and updates.

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