Alec Baldwin Slammed For Bizarre Request: Asked Fans To Help Wife Hilaria Reach One Million Instagram Followers

Alec BaldwinWith all of the things that are going on in the world, is this really the most important? It’s not everyday that you hear someone’s husband ask their fans to help their wife reach one million followers on social media but that’s exactly what Alec Baldwin did this weekend. In fact, it almost seemed like he begged his fans to help his wife Hilaria Baldwin reach one million followers on her Instagram account for her birthday. Here’s what you need to know.

Alec Baldwin – Slammed For Bizarre Request: Asked Fans To Help Wife Hilaria Reach One Million Instagram Followers

Some trolls called out the Hollywood star as “shallow” for asking his fans to help Hilaria reach one million followers. “One million followers is what’s important on a birthday?? Give me a break,” one troll commented. “Is that really important in life?”

But that wasn’t all. “No disrespect but could you please explain why this was so important?” a third chimed in, with others adding things like “Could you be any more shallow,” “Get a grip” and “Really? I’m almost embarrassed for you for even asking !! How shallow.”

Just this past week, Alec shared a selfie video and said, “I would like as many of you as possible, I would like a really great, great surge of people to follow my wife on Instagram to say ‘happy birthday’ to my wife. Would you do that for me? Would you follow my wife on Instagram? Please?”

Alec Baldwin – Did Alec Baldwin Go Too Far?

If that weren’t enough, he also called his wife his “favorite person” and explained that she was “just centimeters shy of a million followers” on the photo sharing app. “As a birthday gift, or even just a gesture to my wife, would you follow her on Instagram?” he added.

Now, why would Alec go to this length to beg his fans, no one know but it certainly was a cringeworthy moment. As many critics probably already know, Hilaria is someone who has constantly taken a break or deleted her Instagram account just to come back a few short weeks later. A lot of people have also criticized her from oversharing, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing so anyway. Here’s hoping Alec won’t have to make any more bizarre requests like this in the future.

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