90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Spoilers: Yara Zara Makes Her Own Money – Here Is How

90 Day Fiancé - Yara Zara 90 Day Fiancé and updates tease that the Ukrainian beauty, Yara Zara is known for appearing on 90 Day Fiancé season 8 alongside her husband Jovi Dufren. Yara has become Instagram famous with over 550,000 followers for posting modeling and travel photos of herself.

A little-known fact about Yara, before appearing on 90 Day Fiancé, she was on a Ukrainian reality show called “Fashion To The People,” and “Who Is Against Blondes?” Aside from that, she also has done waitressing, hosting, working as a makeup artist, and owning her own shop.

In 2021, she expanded her exposure to her fans by starting a YouTube channel.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Gold Digger

Social media has been kind to Yara when it comes to growing her fan base, but there have been trolls out there who have labeled her a “gold digger,” and that is anything but the truth. Yara is a very determined lady who wants to make her way in the world, on her own, she doesn’t want to ride on Jovi’s coattails. In her now late twenties owns an online boutique that she has named after herself.

Aside from that, she also has her own makeup line called Boujee. Yara says that she started the second business because so many people were asking her, “Yara, which makeup do you use? We like your makeup.” And Jovi said to her “Yara, you know, you can make your own makeup line,” and the rest is history. There is no question that the Ukrainian beauty is not using Jovi for his money.

90 Day Fiancé Updates – Standing Up!

Aside from the trolls calling Yara a gold digger, fellow 90 Day Fiancé costar Andrei Castravet also made comments about Yara up and leaving Jovi once she got her green card. Yara didn’t take his negativity towards her and was quick to let him know that there was no pushing her around, “Excuse me, I own two businesses in this country. I come here, I work for my dream, and I make my own money,” the Ukrainian reality star replied. “I’m not an Eastern European stereotype, OK?”

Yara and Jovi are happily married, share a daughter together, and were recently seen vacationing in sunny Mexico, with the whole family.

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