1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Hits Weight Loss Goal, Will Therapy Delay Surgery?

1000 Lb. Sisters In this week’s episode of 1000 Lb. Sisters, Tammy Slaton has finally reached her weight loss goal for surgery. However, Tammy still has another hurdle she has to overcome before Dr. Smith will perform her life-saving weight loss surgery. Tammy has to complete 6 sessions with a therapist and receive her approval before she can move forward. Will Tammy’s aversion to therapy delay surgery?

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slaton Does Not Like Therapy

It is no secret that Tammy doesn’t like therapy. Tammy must be approved by the therapist now that she has lost the weight she needed. After all, weight loss surgery is a mental issue as well as a food issue. The individual must be able to handle all aspects of the surgery before they are allowed to undergo the procedure.

Tammy hates to be analyzed and has pointed that out. Unfortunately, it is a therapist’s job to analyze their client so that they can be successful in their surgery. Dr. Smith wants Tammy to be a success. Will Tammy’s lack of desire to finish her therapy be what brings her down and delays the surgery she has waited so long to have?

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Will Tammy Slaton Comply With Therapy?

Tammy doesn’t have a great deal of choice but to go along with her therapy if she wants her surgery. This means that Tammy is going to have to comply with the doctor’s demands to finish her therapy. The more prepared Tammy is for surgery, the more successful she is likely to be. Tammy will not be approved until her therapist believes she is ready.

Unfortunately, Tammy could backslide on her weight loss while she is waiting on approval if she doesn’t stick to the program. Tammy cannot afford to gain weight and mess up her surgery approval. Tammy has gained weight several times and she cannot afford to fail again. After Tammy’s near-death experience, Tammy has to make this work for her physical well-being.

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Will Tammy Slaton’s Therapist Delay Her?

Tammy’s therapist seems to be very annoyed with her because she doesn’t want Tammy to fail. In one session, Tammy was saying everything she thought she needed to say. However, as soon as problems began to creep in, Tammy shut down. Tammy has even hung up the phone on her therapist. Tammy has admitted she hates therapy, can she muddle through?

If Tammy is truly committed to this journey she is going to have to talk with the therapist to gain her approval. Tammy may finally realize that her therapist is there to help her, not hurt her. Will Tammy and Dr. Connie Stapleton finally come to an understanding and work together to get her surgery done? Is Tammy’s surgery finally going to go off without a hitch?

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