1000 Lb. Sisters Amy Halterman Fears Her Stomach Is Damaged From Overeating

1000 Lb. Sisters According to the preview of 1000 Lb. Sisters, Amy Halterman is rushed to the hospital claiming she is in the worst pain she has ever felt. Later, while laying in a hospital bed, Amy admits that she may have busted her stomach open where she had previously had weight loss surgery. Did Amy burst something?

1000 Lb. Sisters – Amy Halterman Refuses To Follow Her Diet

Amy got her weight loss surgery in 2019. However, Amy got pregnant very quickly afterward. Amy blamed her pregnancy cravings for not following her diet. Amy’s sibling would remind her when she would eat things she wasn’t supposed to have but that did no good. Amy’s doctor warned her that she needed to watch her weight.

After Amy had her first child, Gage Halterman, she never got back on track with her weight loss. When Amy went to her doctor’s appointment before Gage turned a year old she thought she may be pregnant again. Amy promised Dr. Proctor that she would get back on track if she wasn’t pregnant but didn’t follow through. Amy got pregnant again instead.

1000 Lb. Sisters – Amy Halterman Is Eating Very Unhealthy Food

Amy could sustain her pregnancy and stick to her diet. However, Amy chooses to eat what she wants including cans of cheese spread, soda, and chips. Amy knows that none of this stuff should be consumed after her surgery but she doesn’t care. Amy has admitted that she isn’t worried about what she eats right now and will get back on track later.

Amy’s obstetrician has advised her to eat more healthy food and take better care of herself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that any of that stuck with Amy because she is in pain and on her way to the hospital. Michael Halterman thought it might be that baby coming early. However, doctors believe that Amy may have busted something open that deals with her bypass surgery.

1000 Lb. Sisters – What Are The Consequence Of Bursting Open The Incision?

Eating more than the new stomach can hold may cause vomiting, expansion of the pouch, weight gain, or even rupture of the stomach. There are several signs of a leak from your gastric bypass but they usually occur within three days of the surgery. Rapid heart rate, fever, and stomach pain to name a few. If there is a leak it may have to be surgically repaired.

Has Amy burst her incision leading to an infection or worse? With the length of time that has passed, a leak is rather unlikely because they usually occur closer to the time of the original surgery. Amy’s surgery is likely to be from another source. However, risking her life and her baby’s life by overeating is not advisable. Will Amy get back on track with her weight loss after the baby is born?

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