Y&R Spoilers: Trevor St. John Talks About Taking Over The Role Of Tucker McCall

Trevor St. JohnThe Young and the Restless spoilers show that the rumors that Trevor St. John would be playing Tucker McCall were entirely accurate, and Genoa City has been greatly affected by him. Michael Fairman TV got in touch with St. John to find out his thoughts on a range of issues, such as his new Genoa City home, his initial impressions of his new role and co-stars, and much more.

We learn a little bit more about Tucker’s ideas and what it was like behind the scenes as St. John joined the amazing Y&R cast in this wonderful interview.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Trevor St. John Q&A

Trevor admitted that he didn’t do a lot of his own research for the part and is essentially winging it when asked about the character and how he approached it. He explained, “the only info they gave me was a broad overview of the relationships Tucker has with the other characters and their history. I didn’t do any research on my own. I’m learning on the job!”

St. John is never too quick to judge when asked about the future and what he anticipates seeing this character do, “You know, it’s strange, I prefer to never draw any conclusion about a character – my view of him – because the second I do, I’ve limited him/myself, if that makes any sense. I never want to put any unnecessary limits on myself.”

What will happen when Tucker re-connects with his son Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) is the big question on everyone’s mind! “Since Tucker has been away from Genoa City, it’s safe to say he has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to re-establishing relationships, most importantly with his son, Devon. We will also see Tucker form some new alliances as well,” St. John responded.

Y&R Spoilers – Trevor St. John Meets The Great Eric Braeden

Since joining the cast, he has been surrounded by legendary Daytime actors, among them Eric Braeden of course (Victor Newman). St. John responded when asked how it felt to be in his presence for the first time: “Eric was great. He strikes me as a man who knows exactly who he is and has no qualms about it. That’s the kind of person I like to be around – totally genuine and authentically themselves. I hope we get to work together often.”

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