Where Has Jana Duggar Been?

jana duggar

The Duggars spoilers reveal that fans are curious about where Jana Duggar has been. She is the oldest of the sisters in the family and she used to be on social media all the time. Shortly after everything happened with her brother, Josh Duggar, she has gone missing.

Where Has She Been?

Just recently on social media, a new picture of Jana has surfaced. Jana used to be very active on social media and her silence on her Instagram account has really started to worry her fans. Being the oldest, at 32 years old, many fans think that she still lives with her parents since she is one of the only Duggar women left that isn’t married with children. Does she ever leave their home anymore?

The last time we saw her on social media was back in March and she was posting about repurposing wood for a project in her home. It looks as if she has done many of the repairs and renovations in her parents’ home as well.

A New Picture of Jana

The last big thing that happened with Jana is that she was taken to court back in February when she was babysitting and one of the children went outside alone. A neighbor then called the police. She told her fans that it was an accident and the child was fine.

A new picture of her has popped up online though. In the picture, she is in the Stories of Alyssa Bates. They are together and smiling in the picture and Jana is drinking coffee. It looks as if they are in Tennessee together and Alyssa captioned the photo, “So good to catch up with this sweet girl.” Reddit users are the ones who pointed out that it was taken in Tennessee and it looked as if the Duggars were visiting and made plans to meet up with the Bates family. Jana has also been seen in wedding pictures but has yet to post these pictures on her Instagram account.

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