Is Jana Duggar Working On Something Huge?

Counting On Counting On spoilers and updates tease that Jana Duggar may be working on something huge. Fans have witnessed the eldest Duggar daughter showcase her many talents online and they’re excited to see more.

Jana is currently 32 years old and she’s still living with her parents. Unlike her siblings, Jana has decided to remain single and take care of her younger siblings.

Counting On – Jana Duggar As An Interior Designer?

Fans were impressed with Jana’s design work. Viewers may recall that Jessa Seewald had her home renovated. Jessa and her husband, Ben, worked together to fix their home.

During the remodeling process, Jessa asked Jana for help. The latter helped out with the design while Jessa and Ben made all the essential decisions for their home improvement project.

This isn’t Jana’s first time to help with renovating a house. She’s helped out her family with their renovation projects in the past. Jana shared about these things with her fans and they were impressed.

Some even suggested that Jana should start her own interior design business. A few even believed that she may already be working on it and it just wasn’t featured on the show.

It’s possible that Jana may have already started a business since she filed a business license back in 2019 for a venture named Arbor Acres.

Its website says, “Welcome to Arbor Acres! We are passionate about finding beauty in our surroundings, gathering people together, and all things creative.”

“We hope this becomes one of your favorite destinations for ideas that make you excited about life and all the good it has to offer! Stay tuned,” it continued.

There has been no formal announcement about Jana starting a business. Although Jana attended a B2B market in Las Vegas last year, there has been no news about her business plans.

Amy King Shades Jana Duggar

Fans may recall that Jana Duggar recently found herself in a bit of legal trouble when she fell asleep and one of the kids that she was watching ended up on the road. The kid was picked up by a passerby and Jana was hit with a misdemeanor charge.

After that incident, Amy King shaded her cousin. In an Instagram story, she posted a photo of her hanging out with her toddler son. She wrote, “One thing I won’t be doing is falling asleep.”

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