TLC Fans Are Sending Strong Messages About The Culpo Sisters

The Culpo SistersThe Culpo Sisters is a new show on TLC and critics hated the idea of it from the very beginning. Now, they hit hard and send some strong messages to TLC. Clearly, a lot of people don’t want to watch the Kardashian-styled storyline. Actually, they feel it’s a bad fit for the network and they won’t be pressured to watch it.

The Culpo Sisters – Just Don’t Grab TLC Viewers

New shows come from TLC from time to time and usually, fans show a keen interest in watching them. However, this time the premiere hadn’t even happened yet, and folks complained. While they have nothing against Aurora, Olivia, and Sophia Culpo personally, they don’t care for the lives of women with money, drama, and their lifestyle. So, folks complain that it’s the wrong brand for the network. However, it seems that TLC execs ignore critics and plug it quite hard on social media.

The Culpo Sisters and 90 Day Fiance crossed over recently, and that enraged viewers even more. While they adore Armando Rubio and Kenny, they don’t want them linked to the new show at all. What is going on with them and Kalani and the three sisters? If you don’t know, the show now gets a slot on the Pillow Talk spinoff and fans are mad about it.

The Culpo Sisters –  Claim To Fame

Many people claimed that they had never heard of Olivia and her sisters. Apparently, she was declared to be Miss Universe in 2012, and her sisters are along for the ride. Notably, they are influencers but that’s news to a lot of TLC viewers. On November 13, TLC posted a long teaser for Pillow Talk and fans saw some of their favorite 90 Day Fiance stars commenting on the show. If the network hopes to use it to get more attention for the new show, it seems that it might not work.

TLC Fans Are Sending Strong Messages About The Culpo Sisters
TLC / Instagram

Some fans grow angry because it seems like The Culpo Sisters show is being forced on them. One critic said in the comments, “Please don’t ruin pillow talk and stop forcing the show on us.”

Another person grumbled, “Not interested. They are full of themselves and the push to make us watch this is crazy. No thanks.”

Similarly, this comment arrived: “How could you ruin my pillow talk with this terrible show!!?”

Will TLC Listen To Grumpy Fans?

The Culpo Sisters isn’t the first show to ever get fans annoyed. For now, the network seems to invest time and money in the new show. Perhaps the only way viewers might get the network to stop pushing it is to walk away using their remotes. Time will tell if there is any softening of attitudes by viewers. But for now, the message seems clear. A lot of people don’t want to watch it.

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