TLC Fans React To The Culpo Sisters Ahead Of The Premiere

The Culpo SistersThe Culpo Sisters is a new show by TLC and it premieres on Monday, November 7. Actually, the trailer dropped for it a while back. However, when TLC shared a clip of the three sisters, Aurora, Olivia, and Sophia Culpo on Sunday, fans didn’t react well. In fact, one critic called it TLC’s version of an “Off brand Kardashian’s.”

The Culpo Sisters – Get Ripped By TLC Fans

There’s a reason why TLC fans enjoy 90 Day Fiance, and it probably relates to the diversity of the cast. Rich and poor, clever and dull, frumpy and beautiful, there’s always someone that fans can relate to. So, folks become unhappy at times when TLC brings out other shows. What the heck happened to the popular Martone sisters from Unpolished anyway?

The news about The Culpo Sisters on their own show isn’t grabbing a lot of people right now. It comes as Season 17 of Sister Wives plays out. And, while TLC fans grumble that it’s time to can the show, at least they feel like they know that cast well. Meanwhile, it seems that few people ever heard of Aurora, Olivia, and Sophia. And, they prefer it if they don’t see them on television.

The Culpo Sisters – On What They Want To Share With Fans

On Sunday, TLC posted up a clip where the three women talked about what they want fans to see in their lives. The caption said, Aurora, Olivia, and Sophia Culpo reveal what they’re most excited for YOU to see on their brand new show.” Well, it turns out that they want viewers to look into scenes behind their lives. Sometimes they fight, sometimes, they don’t and there is drama. 

TLC Fans React To The Culpo Sisters Ahead Of The Premiere
TLC / Instagram

Unfortunately, what The Culpo Sisters had to say, didn’t seem to rock the world of many people. Mainly, because a lot of people never heard of them before. If you don’t know, Reality Titbit reported that Olivia won “Miss Universe.” Actually, it was ages ago and came back in 2012. Apparently, she’s an influencer, but on Instagram and YouTube, it seems clear that a  lot of people were never influenced and they don’t know her.

Sophia is dating NFL New York Jets receiver Braxton Berrios, and Aurora is a divorced mom who models.

The Culpo Sisters – Fans React To The Teasers

In the comments section of the post by TLC about The Culpo Sisters, reactions were similar to those that arrived on YouTube when the trailer dropped a month ago. Here’s what some people said about it:

Who even is she?

Nobody knows who you are ?.

Not interested, had no idea who they were.

I won’t be watching this. My family would be more entertaining than this.

Three basic chicks in a ton of makeup who get a show. For what reason? Haven’t we seen this before? How are they any different than the millions of siblings in families across the world? TLC gives anyone a platform.”

What are your thoughts? Will you watch the show? If you have seen an episode, remember to let others know what you thought of it in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with TLC shows right now. Come back here often for The Culpo Sisters spoilers, news, and updates.

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