Sister Wives: Kindergarten Teachers Discuss Ariella’s 1st School Day

Sister WivesSister Wives fans revisited the scene when Kody and Robyn Brown dropped off Ariella for her first day of kindergarten. In the show, the parents were quite emotional, which isn’t unusual. However, as events played out, teachers with a lot of combined experience discussed the way the day turned out.

Sister Wives – Kids Ariella Brown Made Kody Emotional

Kody Brown didn’t seem to be unusually emotional when the kids like Truely started school. At least TLC fans can’t recall it. Anyway, apparently with Ariella going off to school, Kody felt emotional because it might be the last time for him to do that. If you don’t know, Solomon has already started school, but he missed a year because of covid. Meanwhile, for Ariella, it was her first time in an educational environment.

Sister Wives fans noticed that at one stage, Robyn Brown kept the youngest kids off of the TLC show. But with them back on TV, it raised some interesting debate on Reddit. Spoilers revealed that Ariella ended up in trouble with the teacher as she seemed in need of some socializing education. So, Kody and Robyn talked about her bothering another kid. However, fans noticed more from the scene.

Sister Wives – Fans Discuss Ariella Brown’s Behavior

On Reddit, u/Worried_Ad_5411 put up a clip from TLC. In the caption, it said, “This is totally strange, a kindergartner talking about being engaged and breaking up with a man?? I’ll bet that Sobyn’s kids are the only ones he dropped off at kindergarten.” However, followers picked up on the way Ariella didn’t seem to know how to behave with other kids.

Sister Wives Kindergarten Teachers Discuss Ariella 1st School Day
TLC via u/Worried_Ad_5411 / Reddit

One Sister Wives viewer who works with kids said, “the ones who were pre preschool age when covid hit really lost some valuable time.” Then they added, “I mean, ALL kids suffered from the isolation and change to routine, but the younger ones who were housebound for the pre-k years (not even allowed to see cousins or go to parks) lost important-ass socialization time.”

A kindergarten teacher noted, “I’m a kindergarten teacher and this is the class of quarantine kids. most of them couldn’t go to preschool. extremely Low language/vocab skills, low social skills. It’s been the most difficult year I’ve ever had teaching.”

Sister Wives – Impacted By Covid Isolation?

Sister Wives fans who teach little kids seem to realize just how much isolation damages the social development of kids like Ariella Brown. One of them talked about “immaturity levels.” And another one mentioned that it’s extremely difficult to educate them these days.

As teachers talked about the difficulties of early education, one of them wrote, “As a former k teacher it would take A LOT to get me to call a parent on day one.”

People now realize that Ariella isn’t alone in adjusting to boundaries at school. Allegedly, it is quite widespread after covid 19.

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