The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Will The CPS Call Push Hope Back To Thomas?

The Bold And The Beautiful - Hope LoganThe Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal CPS showing up to the Forrester residence to question Douglas Forrester (Django Ferri) about how he feels staying with his dad Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). Douglas has nothing but great things to say about living with his dad. He lets them know how involved Thomas is with his school work and that he is happy and safe. While Thomas is dumbfounded over the fact that they even showed up, Ridge Forrester (Thorston Kaye) is seething.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – She Wouldn’t Stoop So low Would She?

Once the agents leave both Forrester mean express their (warranted) frustration over the situation. Ridge immediately whips out his phone and calls none other than Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). Acting as if nothing is wrong, Brooke sounds happy to talk to RIdge until he speaks. He let her know what just happened to them and asked her point blank, “Did you call CPS on my son?” Quick dramatic moment as we try to read Brooke’s face and wait for her to answer (I say she will deny it!).


We of course don’t have the luxury of knowing how she answers but considering everyone knows she said she would call she will automatically be everyone’s number one suspect. Now I may not be the biggest Brooke fan in the world but, I am not entirely convinced that she made the phone call. I know everyone has a motive to frame someone but if Brooke did make the call then everything she has worked for may backfire. This would end her marriage to Ridge, I don’t think he could handle that kind of betrayal. Also, this could push Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) to become closer to Thomas.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Two Suspects Who Meant Well…

Brooke and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) feel as if their pleas to get Douglas back fall upon Hope’s deaf ears and I could see them scheming to get Douglas back by whatever means necessary. If it’s brought out that Liam was the one who called this will obviously crush Hope and the betrayal she will feel will be immense. This could send her to Thomas to apologize and make up to him for the unnecessary drama her husband has caused. This could open the door to the two of them rekindling their romance. Brooke will obviously try her best to sabotage their romance, however, Hope could also blame her mother for this happening and cut her off too. Hope is starting to find her voice and she wants to make sure that her family knows that while their concern is appreciated this is still her decision and her decision alone (screaming for you Hope!).

B&B Spoilers – Maybe Something More Sinister Is Brewing…

The final theory on the CPS call is that Thomas has gone back to the darkside and has set this all up as a way to win Hope back and get his mom back together with his dad. Since he has not shown signs of a mental relapse his family has more confidence and trust in him. He may have been faking this whole time in order to get everyone to trust him again and Brooke may be right (but she will always be wrong about asking a man to use something more safe to cut up an apple.) If this were the case, He could have called to frame Brooke. It would be pretty simple to do and it will drive a wedge even further between the families. Thomas could get everything he wants if the wrong person gets blamed for the call so why wouldn’t he take the risk (Or as the cool kids say these days.. Shoot your shot bro!).

Things are definitely heating up this week and I can’t wait to see what happens. I really need to know who made the call.

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