Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown Slammed As Sickening Video Resurfaces

Sister WivesSister Wives Spoilers suggest that fans are once again slamming Kody Brown’s favorite wife for her disgusting behavior. An old video clip has surfaced where Robyn Brown throws Meri Brown’s infertility in her face. Fans call Robyn’s behavior disgusting.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown’s Infertility Issues

Sister Wives star Meri only had one child with Kody during their 30 plus years together. Meri always wanted a big family and hoped to continue adding children after their daughter Mariah Brown was born. However, Meri suffered from unexplained infertility issues and lost a child when Mariah was young. Although Kody and Meri discussed infertility treatments, Meri turned down in-vitro fertilization as a present for their twentieth anniversary.

Not long afterward, Meri reconsidered and wanted to give it a try but Kody shot her down. At one point, after giving birth to Solomon Brown, Robyn offered to carry a child for Kody and Meri but this never came to fruition either. However, knowing Meri’s struggles did not stop Robyn from taking a cheap shot at Meri’s infertility when it came to discussing how nice the furnishings were in Meri’s house.

Sister Wives – The Resurfaced Video

Sister Wives Robyn was commenting in the interview segment of a previous episode of Sister Wives. The family was discussing how nice Meri’s things in her house were. Robyn, who was well aware of Meri’s struggles, brought up that Meri’s things were nice because she didn’t have any little children in the house to break things. Robyn rattles on about what Meri or Mariah would be like if perhaps Meri had a little boy to scratch his name in her furniture or something.

Robyn even continues to go on about what a blessing her children have been to her. Fans certainly jumped on the bandwagon to point out how hurtful Robyn’s comments had to be when Meri didn’t have a choice. Obviously, Meri didn’t have a choice in Robyn being a surrogate either because Robyn may have offered but the conversation never brought forth any action.

Sister Wives – The Family Is Falling Apart

Sister Wives started as a show about what fans thought was a wholesome family wanting to show that polygamy works. However, Kody’s relationship with Robyn has proven how little he cares about any of his other wives. Kody has from day one made a difference in his treatment of Robyn versus the other three and continues to do so. Christine Brown became fed up with his antics and has since divorced Kody and moved to Utah. Meri has been holding on to a broken relationship for years. Since COVID, Janelle Brown has even considered leaving.

Will Kody eventually get what he has seemed to want from the start? Has Robyn truly come between Kody’s relationship with all of his other wives? Will it just be Robyn and Kody in the end?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Sister Wives right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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