Sister Wives: Did Robyn Brown Drop A Hint About The Future Of The Browns

Sister WivesSister Wives spoilers and updates tease that Robyn Brown may have dropped a hint about where the Brown’s plural marriage is heading. The youngest sister wife made a statement that seems like something shocking may happen before the season ends.

Fans have noticed that Robyn Brown has become more aggressive than usual. She’s making some unusual statements for the family in front of the Sister Wives cameras with an authoritarian tone of voice.

Sister Wives – Is Robyn Brown The Head Of The Household?

During this season, Robyn talked about their family more often than usual. She talked about her sister wives but she did have a lot to say about Christine in particular.

During these instances, Robyn always took the side of Kody. She even went as far as pinning the blame on Christine because she thought that the latter didn’t even try to work on the marriage.

Aside from that, Robyn Brown also had a serious talk with Robyn Brown. She asked if they could work on their relationship. But for Janelle, she felt like she was put on the spot during that time.

Sister Wives – Kody And Robyn Brown Make Polygamy Examples

Kody and Robyn Brown also cited some examples about polygamous marriages during their interview on the Sister Wives: One on One. Kody gave examples of men whom he knows had successful polygamous relationships. Meanwhile, Robyn talked about polygamy families that didn’t last.

Robyn slipped and said some words that may be construed as a clue to what may happen to the Brown family in the future.

Sister Wives – One On One Shows Never Before Scenes Of Kody Brown

One on One host Sukanya Krishna showed never before scenes of Kody where he can be seen saying that he’s out of plural marriage. He was caught saying he no longer cares during an outing on Coyote Pass.

He even said that his family has prevented him from reaching his goal, which left the sister wives feeling frustrated.

Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Slips

Fans saw Kody as someone who’s ready to leave his family. But it was Robyn who dropped a clue as to what was really going on. Robyn gave an example of a man who is in a polygamous marriage. She said the man can leave his wives or just keep one.

Is Robyn referring to Kody leaving his other wives and keeping her only? Sister Wives already filmed its 17th season. So Robyn’s statement could be a clue of what’s to come for the family.

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