Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Claims She Is Happy With Her Life, But Is She?

SisterWivesMeri Brown was Kody Brown’s first wife when Sister Wives first premiered. However, four years into the show, Meri secretly divorced Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn Brown, his fourth wife. Kody wanted to adopt Robyn’s older children and could not do that unless they were legally married.

Sister Wives  – The Fallen First Wife

Sister Wives Spoilers reveal that Meri will always be the first wife. However, when Meri was the legal wife, things seemed to be much better between her and Kody. Meri and Kody seemed to be in love. Meri and Kody seemed to want to be a couple. Meri and Kody seemed to be the leaders of this huge plural family that has been introduced to the world.

Now, Meri claims that she is at peace with her past and in love with herself and everything about her. How can Meri be so at peace when she has nothing that she claims to have wanted out of life? Meri wanted a plural family and had that for a time. However, divorce from Kody proved to be harder than she thought. Meri was lonely and was catfished and things have never been the same.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Don’t Buy What Meri Brown Is Selling

Meri may post about being happy but fans believe otherwise. Meri signed up for the family but she had a husband as well. Suddenly, after the catfishing, Kody doesn’t trust Meri. Kody doesn’t consider himself married to Meri. Frankly, Kody is trying harder to hold onto Christine who he swears he doesn’t love than he is to Meri who wants to be with him.

Fans believe that Meri should stop posting about self-love and happiness unless she is ready to offer some to herself. After all, Meri seems to hang on to Kody and his family with Robyn for any scrap of attention they might give her. Fans are also completely upset with the way Meri sided with Robyn in her treatment of Christine. Fans wonder when Meri is really going to find some self-respect.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Are Confused As To Who Meri Brown Really Is

One minute, Meri seems to be sitting around giving advice to the lovelorn as she waits for any little bit of attention from Kody. Robyn and Meri’s gossiping about Christine did not sit well with fans either. However, didn’t Meri go out and find Robyn to become Kody’s new wife while Christine was pregnant? How could Meri claim to be a friend to Christine after that?

Meri’s other side seems to be a fun-loving businesswoman who travels all over, meets interesting people, and enjoys being at her B&B. Will fans ever know the real Meri Brown? Will Meri ever love herself enough to move on from Kody and find a way to be happy on her own?

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