Did Sister Wives Robyn Fake Tears To Set Off Kody’s Tantrum?

Sister Wives TLC spoilers for Sister Wives Season 17 revealed that Kody Brown is getting himself into some mega-tantrums with his wives. Well, all except Robyn Brown. Critics of the show often think that Kody really favors only Robyn and that she manipulates him to get rid of the other wives. Did she fake tears to encourage his ranting tantrum?

Sister Wives – Fans Accuse Robyn Brown Of Faking Her Tears

There’s a good reason why fans call Robyn Brown “Sobbin’ Robyn.” However, she seldom has any tears on her face after her epic performances. This season, fans think that she drops her guard a bit and they suspect that she is delighted that Christine left. Furthermore, with rumors that Janelle also left Kody, she might be in seventh heaven. Of course, she probably needs Meri around, sort of like a service animal. But she’s no threat to her relationship with Kody.

Sister Wives fans seemed amazed to see that Kody’s tantrums can actually get worse. When he ranted and raged at Christine, Robyn acted all emotional as if she were about to burst into tears. Mind you, all of the wives, bar Robyn, seem to have been on the receiving end of his rages. Actually, fans think Robyn’s acting rather badly this time around. Meanwhile, Janelle just stared at Robyn and Christine took it quietly, probably rejoicing that she would soon be leaving.

Sister Wives – Robyn Deliberalty Gets Kody Into A Tantrum?

After watching the episode, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball opined, “Robyn fake cries her way to elicit a MANTRUM by Kody.” Additionally, she noticed that despite the agonized look of trying to hold back tears, there were none. Furthermore, Katie noticed that Janelle stared at Robyn. For her, it seemed that “Janelle’s look at Robyn is like “you did this on purpose” with Robyn looking down to avoid eye contact.”

Sister Wives Robyn Fake Tears To Set Off Kody Tantrum
TLC Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Sister Wives viewers took to the comments section to discuss the tantrum and Robyn. Of course, they also talked about Meri, Janelle, and Christine. One of them said, “She obviously knows how to get Kody all heated as soon as she started to “cry” [and] he started freaking she was fine?.”

Others noticed the same thing. So, one commenter said, “she also breathes very deeply to act as if she is trying to stop the impending tears, but it is all an act. Just like Kody’s Toddler Tantrum. All. An. Act. And they are both terrible at it”

 Sister Wives – What Are our Thoughts?

Do you agree with Sister Wives’ critics that Robyn uses her tears to manipulate Kody Brown? Do, you think that Janelle knows that Robyn uses her tears to get Kody all angry with the other wives? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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