Sister Wives Patriarch Kody Reveals Who Snitched On Christine

Sister WivesSince February this year, Sister Wives fans have wondered who snitched to Kody Brown that Christine was thinking of leaving him. Well, spoilers now reveal exactly who Kody claimed told him tales. And, it wasn’t who you might have first guessed. Caution: This article contains spoilers for season 17 of the TLC show.

Sister Wives – The Wives Who Might Have Snitched 

During Part 3 of Season 16’s Tell-All, fans heard that Kody claimed he only knew that Christine was leaving him because she put his stuff in the garage. However, he also admitted that someone leaked her intentions to him. Initially, there was some speculation that Janelle might have told Kody because fans know that Christine talks to her. Also, she seemed supportive of staying in a polygamous relationship. That might have changed now, but at the time, the suggestion fitted.

Another prime Sister Wives suspect was Meri Brown. Of course, TLC fans toyed with the idea of Robyn. However, it might not have been her as hardly anyone seems to talk to her amongst the other wives, bar Meri. However, Meri seemed to have the motivation. After all, she and Christine are not friends. Additionally, Meri seems determined to hang around like a spare part. So, she could have leaked the info trying to get in Kody’s good favor. But it turns out that she was not the snitch. 

Sister Wives –  Star Kody Reveals Christine Brown’s Snitch

Of course, one of the adult kids could have told Kody about Christine wanting out of the relationship. Mykelti is surprisingly close to Robyn, but it wasn’t her. Paedon and Christine’s other kids seem to support her move to Utah. So, there was no reason for them to tell any tales to their dad. Gabe and Garrison were at odds with him, so they probably didn’t do it. Meanwhile, Logan and Hunter were mostly away from home. But yes, it turns out that it was one of the adult kids.

Sister Wives Patriarch Kody Reveals Who Snitched On Christine
TLC via Without A Crystal Ball / YouTube

The snitch in the Sister Wives family was discussed by Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball on YouTube.In the show’s spoilers for season 17, Kody was having it out with Christine about their divorce. If you watched it, you will know that Robyn was horrid and accused Christine of being a liar. And that’s when Kody outed the snitch. He told Christine that he “had to find out from Madison.”: Well, Maddie Brown Brush is Janelle’s daughter and she married Caleb who doesn’t seem interested in polygamy. So, fans were a bit surprised. 

Sister Wives – TLC Fans React In The Comments Of The Video

Not every Sister Wives fan thinks that Maddie might have told Kody about Christine’s intentions. And, even if she did, why name her? Charlotte Framboise opined, “They are trying to damage and sabotage Christine and Ysabel relationship with Maddie. It’s typical triangulation. It’s painful to see Christine bullied this way.”

V.1954 opined, “I’m sure Maddie is furious Kody and Robyn used her this way and Janelle…I can’t even imagine how angry she is about this. Throughout, Christine has been a class act.”

Next, Mickie Jonesy commented, “Wow! Robyn is seeing everything so differently than the world saw! I believe she and Kody decided to gang up on Christine and yes, demonize her! It’s disgustingly abusive! Christine is a saint! Oh, and then to throw Maddie under the bus! Kids have the right to ask questions! This is their family too!”

What are your thoughts that it turns out that Maddie Brown Brush snitched on Christine Brown? Sound off in the comments below.

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