Sister Wives: Janelle Would Rather Sleep With Dogs Than Kody


Sister WivesSister Wives spoilers for season 17 visit the fact that Janelle Brown went to live at Coyote Pass in her RV. Well, Kody visited about once, as far as fans could tell. And, it seems that his second wife is just fine with that. After all, she has her dogs, and she’d rather sleep with them than with her spiritual husband.

Sister Wives – Spoilers And Crafty Janelle Brown

When fans heard that Janelle moved onto Coyote Pass in her RV, some fans slammed Kody for letting her slum it while Robyn lives like a queen. Well, Janelle told her followers on social media, that she chose to live off the grid. Now, spoilers confirm that it was indeed, her decision. Mind you, Kody wanted her to get the other wives to help make the decision. Actually, they did look at the place, but she didn’t really take any notice of their opinions.

Sister Wives spoilers for Season 17 revealed that much like Christine, Janelle wasn’t getting much intimacy from her spiritual husband. So, fans agreed that it seemed that Janelle was very clever by moving into her RV. After all, she probably knew Kody would hate it, and stay away. That gave her the opportunity to live free of his involvement in her everyday life. Now that Christine opened up, it seems that the second wife also brings more that’s candid to the table.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Or The Dogs

When TLC shared a teaser on October 16 on Instagram, Janelle talked about how Kody spends one in every three or four nights with her. As Christine wasn’t getting it, and neither was Meri, she only had him over about once a week, So, for the rest of the time, he slept at Robyn’s house. Actually, he admitted that her home is much more to his taste than the RV.

Sister Wives Janelle Would Rather Sleep With Dogs Than Kody
TLC / Instagram

Sister Wives fans saw that the rest of the wives and Robyn’s daughters went and looked at the RV. Excited, Janelle showed them that Savannah would have her own “mini-apartment.” Then she talked about where the dogs would sleep. Kody objected, and basically said that she should choose to have the dogs or him. Well, it was an easy decision for her. In her confessional, she said that getting rid of the dogs just wasn’t going to happen.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown Got All Butt-Hurt

Sister Wives fans saw that Kody hated the idea of sleeping with his second wife so close to his daughter. When he started banging on about privacy, Meri acted all butt-hurt and went away to one side. For Christine, of course, there’s no such jealousy issues these days.

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