GH Finola Hughes On Doing Love Scenes As A “Grown Grown”

Finola HughesGeneral Hospital (GH) star Finola Hughes has been bringing Anna Devane to life since 1985 both in Port Charles and in Pine Valley. She was introduced to the soap as the ex-wife of Robert Scorpio and has had several great loves during that time, including Robert, Duke Lavery, and David Hayward when she was on All My Children.

General Hospital – A Great General Hospital Love For Anna Deane’s Second Half

Through it all, Anna did her best to raise her daughter, Robin Scorpio but was also presumed dead for a few years during Robin’s teenage time. She also had a daughter named Leora Hayward who died as a baby and is now an independent woman, still fighting crime, while also being the grandmother of a college student, Robin’s daughter, Emma Scorpio Drake.

But Anna does not let anything like age get in her way, still dressing fab, getting in time at the gym, going on capers as is her wont, and finding love again with former mortal enemy Valentin Cassadine. In fact, when Anna and Valentin finally made love after six years of a VERY slow simmer, fan reaction to this mature couple’s steaming hot love scene surprised both James Patrick Stuart and Hughes, who recently spoke out about being a more mature woman in Hollywood.

GH Spoilers – Finola Hughes Loves Anna DeVane’s New Life And What She Means For Women

“Being in Hollywood, you’re reminded constantly that it’s done. You’re over, and we’re not,” Hughes said during an interview on ABC 7. “And, I like to think that maybe I’m holding a torch for women everywhere.”

From the looks of that love scene that set social media on fire, Hughes is far, far from done and she is loving it.

“People have sort of gone a little crazy about it,” Hughes continued. “Twitter kind of blew up, and I have to say at this stage in my life for people to react that well to a love scene on television, I was amazed…They weren’t sure about watching this because it was grown-grown people, and I really liked that…Maybe we’re just starting to regard women that they don’t have a ‘sell by’ date. It would be nice. It’s a battle hard won.”

Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see what happens to Vanna next.

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