Sister Wives Fans Keep Their Eyes Peeled After Popular Paedon’s Shoutout

Sister Wives Sister Wives star Paedon Brown becomes more and more popular with TLC fans these days. It turns out that Christine and Kody’s only son has a great sense of humor and a way with words. Of course, fans also love that he supports his mom who left Kody and moved back to Utah. Now, they keep their eyes peeled after a passionate shoutout by the brother of Truely, Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, and Ysabel.

Sister Wives – Paedon Brown Entertains Fans

Very active on TikTok and Instagram these days, fans heard that Paedon laughed along with fans about the tee-shirt that asked what the nanny does. Recall, Christine wondered aloud about that during Season 16 of the show. So, when Kody’s son wore one of them and agreed it was quite amusing, fans applauded. More especially, they applauded because of the way Kody treated Janelle’s kids.

Sister Wives Fans agree that Kody favors Robyn’s kids. Well, Paedon agreed that he felt jealous as a kid, but he gets along with “David and Aurora” these days. Actually, some of his videos reveal that he plays around with his half-brother Logan, and generally laughs with his friends a lot. The military man seems to make friends and keep them entertained. Nowadays, he entertains fans with his various antics on social media and they are there for it. When he shouted out with a lot of passion this weekend, TLC fans paid close attention.

Sister Wives – Peadon Brown’s Passionate Shoutout

Paedon Brown shared a mouthwatering shoutout with fans. The TikTok post made its way to his Instagram and got fans salivating. It’s not clear that it’s actually a promo. But if it isn’t, someone should be talking to him about partnering with him. Thanks to his shoutout, people are keeping their eyes peeled for this truck:

Sister Wives Fans Keep Their Eyes Peeled After Popular Paedon Shoutout
Paedon Brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives star, still with a dab of BBQ sauce on his lip, told fans that if they “ever see” this tuck they should stop and grab a bite to eat. It’s a charred grill on wheels. Unfortunately, though, he mentioned that they should keep a lookout for it in “southern Utah.” Those fans who live in Flagstaff instantly wished the truck would go their way. Meanwhile, others who plan a trip to St.George can’t wait to spot it driving around.

Popular Paedon Brown – Fans React In The Comments

Sister Wives fans took the comments of Paedon Brown’s post. His enthusiasm really got them ready to keep their eyes peeled for the truck. One of them said, “a must-try next time we go to St. George!” Another fan who seemed gripped by an instant desire to find the truck asked, “Where’s that truck?.”

Well, it sounds like folks just need to keep their eyes peeled for it. Peadon Brown replied, saying, “all over, It drives around, I’m not sure where she will be.”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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