Sister Wives Fans Gush Over Dream-Team Janelle & Christine

Sister Wives Fans Gush Over Dream-Team Janelle & ChristineMost of the Sister Wives stars stay relevant outside of the season that airs on TLC, and Janelle Brown’s a fan fave. These days, Christine Brown rises in popularity as well. So, combine the two, and there are a lot of gushing fans on social media. In fact, this week’s photo of the two women got fans wishing for a spinoff for them.

Sister Wives Stars Janelle And Christine Brown Are Popular

For some reason, even if writers share nothing more than Kody Brown’s second wife selecting carrots at the farmers market, people will read about it. Actually, one has to wonder how many people exchanged city life for an RV when she moved into one on Coyote Pass. So, it’s no wonder, that when she visited Portugal this year, TLC fans eagerly welcomed her back Stateside.

Meanwhile, Sister Wives viewers just loved it in Season 16, when Christine kicked Kody to the curb and moved to Utah. Why do these two women get so much adoration from fans? Well, an obvious reason lies with Meri Brown. After all, she’s repeatedly humiliated by Kody on TV. Then she gets all cryptic and mysterious off-season, which is too much baggage for many folks. As for Robyn, does she actually have any fans at all?

Sister Wives Fans Gush Over Janelle & Christine

On July 14, Janelle shared a photo of herself with Christine. Actually, fans thought that they both looked healthy and well. In her caption, it said that they chilled and played a game together. It seemed that Mykelti’s mom enjoyed the company of Janelle. Well, who wouldn’t? It must be a relief to visit Flagstaff and not have to hang around Kody.

Sister Wives Fans Gush Over Dream-Team Janelle And Christine
Janelle Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans saw that Janelle said, “[Christine] was in town and brought me a new game. Azul. It was fun! And since I was just in Portugal this spring and saw the tiles…it was extra fun.” Then she spoke about hanging out in a coffee shop and “playing long enough for me to understand the rules.” Let’s be honest, if the average person chilled in a coffee shop, maybe a few friends would like a photo of it. But, fans of the TLC show gushed about it.

The Dream-Team

Sister Wives fans said that they love the two women and gushed quite a lot. Then, someone wrote, “You guys should be your own family! Your kids all love each other. Love janelle and Christine!!!! ❤️”

Well, that could be really nice for the two families. As fans adore them, other comments arrived like this one: “I love that you all are still close ❤️ What a beautiful friendship.”

Here’s another example of a gushing fan: “I just love you both! I loved watching you on your show throughout the years! Great mothers too ❤️.”

What are your thoughts? Do think the two women would make one big happy family? Would you like to see them in their own spinoff? Sound off in the comments below.

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