Paedon Brown Says Sister Wives Saved Him

Sister WivesSister Wives spoilers reveal that Paedon Brown wanted to share even more with his fans these days. He has been posting a lot on his TikTok account and he has called out many of his family members for their actions and some of them are not very happy with him right now because of it.

Sister Wives Spoilers – How The Show Saved Him

Paedon is the son of Kody and Christine Brown and was only on the show for a short time. He did a live session on TikTok with his followers and he opened up about his siblings he did mention that if he knew what life would have been like, he never would have wanted his parents to do this show. However, he did give the show credit for saving him from a life of plural marriage and “religious repression.”

He said, “I kind of know exactly what my life would be like without Sister Wives. I’d have one wife, I’d probably be courting a second wife. I’d probably have three kids by now, maybe just two. I’d be going to church every single day.. I’d be miserable, honestly.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Family Religion

The Brown family was excommunicated from their church, which is the Apostolic United Brethren. They were kicked out in 2017 and many fans think that it is because of the catfish scandal that Meri Brown was involved in. This scandal was aired on the show and the church looked down on it. The Browns were in hot water with the church since they decided to star on a reality television show about their married life.

Paedon thinks that if the show hadn’t happened, they would still be part of the church and their lives would be much different. From what he has said, it appears that things have really turned for the best since they starred on the show. This is a good sign considering all the negativity Paedon has been sharing lately.

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