Little People Big World Star Zach Roloff Is On His Way To Colombia

Little People Big WorldLittle People Big World star Zach Roloff will soon be on his way to Bogota, Colombia. Additionally, the news arrived that the TLC star shared a GoFundMe. However, TLC fans shouldn’t; be angry about that as it’s all for a very good cause. So what’s going on? Will he take the family along? Read on to find out.

Little People Big World – Zach Roloff Leaving Little People Big World Drama Behind?

In season 23, Zach fell out with his dad Matt. Actually, fans found out the full details of why the family relocated to Washington. By now, most viewers know that Matt Roloff wanted to put up Amy’s old portion of the farm for sale. Meanwhile, Tori and Zach hoped to buy it and farm it for themselves. However, Matt turned them down, and the feud on TV still rages in season 24. However, things might have eased up a bit in real life.

Little People Big World fans heard a rumor that Caryn Chandler might leave the show. Actually, season 24 spoilers revealed that Zach and Tori didn’t want her to meet Josiah, the newest addition to the family. Actually, it all sounds dramatic enough for anyone to want to hop on a plane outta there. However, Zach isn’t leaving for Colombia permanently. In fact, he’s off to place soccer again. Recall, he previously played for North America at COPA. Ever since then, his son Jackson has been crazy about the game.

Little People Big World News – Zach Roloff In Colombia

On November 15, Zach shared the news on Instagram about his trip away. He explained that they will “play…against teams from ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??!!” On the account of @copacanam, the explanation came that reveals that “The athletes are paying all of their costs (travel, jerseys, accommodations) out of pocket.” So, they set up a GoFuindMe. Meanwhile, Zach explained that “This go fund me does not benefit me directly* but will greatly help the team and tournament I am apart of, (sic).”

Little People Big World Star Zach Roloff Is On His Way To Colombia
Zach Roloff / Instagram

The Little People Big World star also talked about how things are progressing for those who struggle with a small stature. But, they have a long way to go. He said, “Things like lower toilets and consistent ramp accessibility are close to non-existent.” Zach added, “These tournaments are not just fun but also help elevate the dwarf community’s voice in these countries where disability groups aren’t as recognized… as in…the United States.”

Little People Big World – The GoFundMe

Little People Big World fans who visited GoFundMe saw that Zach is arranging the fundraiser. At the moment, it raised $1,560 and the current goal is $3,000. You can check it out on this link HERE. 

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