Little People Big World Spoilers: ‘Immediate Family’ Met Josiah, No Plans For Caryn Chandler To Be Included

Little People Big World Little People Big World spoilers tease that the Roloff feud continues and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. The biggest bone of contention in this feud is the family home and how the whole scenario went down from the kids, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, thinking that one or more of the children would inherit the farm and continue to work it, to Matt Roloff wanting an outrageous amount from his children to buy the house from him, then his putting the house up for sale for 4 million dollars.

Little People Big World Spoilers – The House

There was no way that the Roloff children could afford the price tag that Matt was looking for. They all have young families and children to care for, this just wasn’t the right price or the right time in their lives. During this whole situation which has truly become the house from hell for the family, son, Zach, and daughter-in-law Tori blame Caryn Chandler, the former farm manager and presently, Matt’s girlfriend, for influencing Matt to put the family home up for sale as she is eager to retire with Matt and leave the farm behind, after all, it is not Caryn’s family farm and she has no memories growing up there, raising a family in that home.

Caryn wants to move to Arizona and retire with Matt. That has equated to a nightmare for the family. The children are losing their family home, and as much tension as there is right now, they will also miss their father, and his grandchildren, their grandfather.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Baby Josiah

Tori and Zach welcomed a new addition to their family recently, an adorable baby Josiah. This makes a family of five, the couple already has a son Jackson and a daughter Lilah. Although baby Josiah has met all his immediate family, Tori and Zach have no plans for Caryn to meet him, nor do they want her around their other children, or themselves. Tori says that she will never deny that Matt and Caryn were good to them and the children, but right now there is a huge rift between the adults, and sadly when that inevitably affects the children as well.

It’s a double-edged sword for Caryn, if she gets to Arizona, she will be happy, but she may never get to meet baby Josiah if this rift between the family is not resolved. And, in the first episode of the new season, Amy says she thinks it may take five years to mend the family rift.

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