Little People Big World Fans React As Matt Roloff Lists Farm For Sale

Little People Big World Little People Big World (LPBW) Season 23 promises a huge amount of drama and now fans heard that Matt Roloff listed the farm for sale, they reacted on social media. The season premieres next Tuesday, May 17, and the news was likely timed to coincide with the announcement. Meanwhile, Jacob already leaked the info via a deleted tweet.

Little People Big World – Jacob Roloff Leaked The Farm Was For Sale

Matt’s youngest son Jacob is currently working on the farm with his dad. In season 23, fans will see that Zach and Tori made an offer for the northern section of the farm. However, they were turned down, and now he and his dad are at loggerheads.

Recall, Jeremy and Audrey previously put in an offer and were turned down as well. Previously  Amy owned it and Matt Roloff drove a hard bargain. Well, Jacob found out about the sale and tweeted about it. However, it was deleted. But, not before social media got ahold of it.

Does the sale of part of the farm mean that fans will see the last of Little People Big World? Well, in December of last year, Amy leaked that the show was renewed for two seasons. That means there will possibly be one more after Season 23.

Whether the sale of the farm spells the end of the show or not, isn’t known. If it does end, many fans clamor for Tori and Zach to get their own spin-off.

Little People Big World – Matt Roloff Listed At 4 Million Dollars

Initially, Matt Roloff posted about the news, saying that he wanted folks to hear it directly from him. Well, that’s a bit too late as Jacob tweeted about it several weeks ago. On his Instagram, a few mixed-bag comments arrived. However, Without A Crystal Ball shared the news as well.

Over there, TLC fans were not so kind. A lot of people asked questions about the agritainment event: the Pumpkin Season. Others wondered how much of the farm is for sale.

Little People Big World Fans React As Matt Roloff Lists Farm For Sale
Matt Roloff via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

The Little People Big World patriarch confirmed that he is only selling the northern portion of the farm. So, he assured TLC fans that the Pumpkin Season continues.

Actually, the entire farm is 109 acres plus the old section that Amy owned. So, he sells off the old portion and that is just 16 acres. Inclusive of the sale are their old home and the red barn.

Little People Big World – Fans React On Without A Crystal Ball

Little People Big World fans slammed Matt Roloff because he made a profit off the farm. Recall, he ended up paying Amy Roloff a lot less than $4 Million. So, one critic noted, “Amy allowed herself to get ripped off.” Still, in recent years, property values have gone up in the Portland area.

Meanwhile, another critic slapped at Caryn Chandler. They said, “this is no surprise!! Exactly as I figured. Matt is going to get what he deserves. Caryn will get it all in the end.”

This uncomplimentary comment also arrived: “Wow. His poor kids. You can’t take the money with you Matt.”

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